Warns: There are telephone fraudsters who pretend to be representatives of state supervisory authorities – Criminal Investigations

The Financial Capital and Market Commission (FCMC) warns of fraudsters who call randomly selected Latvians by phone, pretending to be representatives of supervisory authorities from different countries in Latvia or the Baltics.

In order not to fall victim to a fraudster, the FCMC calls for vigilance, critical evaluation of the information provided by the suspicious caller and no cooperation.

During the call, the swindler informs the population that a virtual currency account has been found or opened in its name with the financial resources available in it. The fraudster calls for various steps to be taken to transfer the funds to another account and not “get into the biggest trouble”. Negotiations are usually conducted in Russian.

If the fraudster succeeds in persuading the interlocutor to cooperate, personal data is then required to open a new virtual currency account with another institution to which the alleged funds can be transferred.

If the victim does not have the skills to perform such actions, fraudsters offer to connect to human equipment remotely using, for example, AnyDesk software. Under no circumstances should unknown persons be allowed to connect to the devices in this way.

The fraudster can also order various additional actions, such as naming payment cards or credentials, asking them to stop working with a financial institution, borrowing funds in case of lack of money, opening Internet addresses on the Internet and following the instructions.

If the victim opens a new virtual currency account or payment account with another financial institution according to the instructions provided, then an available amount of money, which the fraudster originally named, may appear in it. In order to pay this allegedly available money, the victim is required to make a prepayment of the commission.

The FCMC draws attention to the fact that by paying a commission fee or other services offered by a fraudster, such as insurance or a guarantee fee, the money paid is completely lost.

In such situations, the actions requested by the swindler should not be taken, no information should be provided and no payments should be made. It is necessary to end the telephone conversation and inform the FCMC by calling 67 774 800 or writing to e-mail: [email protected] In case of suspicion that you have been involved in fraud and have suffered losses, please contact the State Police

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