Was Samuel Paty about to be sanctioned by the rector of the Academy of Versailles?

Question asked by TT on 10/18/2020


The rumor has been rising all weekend, a sign of great confusion about the events that occurred at the beginning of October at the Bois-d’Aulne college in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine (Yvelines), and which may have led to the assassination of Samuel Paty.

The history and geography teacher was the subject of requests for dismissal from parents of students, after a course on press freedom where he had shown caricatures of Muhammad, on October 5. This weekend, based on two articles from the Point, many far-right and / or pro-secular commentators have asserted that the teacher was threatened with sanctions by his hierarchy. The rector, Charline Avenel, is directly implicated. His closeness to Emmanuel Macron, revealed in an article by l’Obs in the fall of 2018, the subject of much speculation, unrelated to the attack.

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It is the identity Damien Rieu, parliamentary assistant to the MEP RN Philippe Olivier, who tweets first, Saturday afternoon, calling for the resignation of the rector.

It is taken over by the regional adviser RN Gilles Pennelle. In the evening, Florian Philippot also calls for the resignation of the rector. Sunday morning, Jean Messiha in turn tweets the article from Point, indicating : “We learn frightened that the rector Charline Avenel was preparing to” crack down “against #SamuelPaty after having dispatched an inspector to call him to order.”

Ditto for journalist Zineb El Rhazoui:

Current values, in an article since modified, announced Saturday evening and part of the day of Sunday: “The rector of the Yvelines academy wanted to” crack down “.” And to explain: “Samuel Paty was preparing to be sanctioned by the Yvelines academy for daring to show caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, reveals a note from local territorial intelligence agents. “

Amalgamation from an information note

It all started with an article from Point published Saturday evening. Based on this note, which traces the chronology of events from October 5, when Samuel Paty showed the cartoons of Muhammad during a course on freedom of expression, the weekly advert one “Inspector had to remind him of the” rules of secularism and neutrality “. But at no time is a sanction mentioned.

Indeed, as revealed Release, which also had access to this note, the Yvelines territorial intelligence returned to this “Incident related to the principles of secularism within the Bois d’Aulne college in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine.” An episode that triggered “A lively controversy among some parents of Muslim faith, considering that it is a real offense”, can we read.

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The note also returns to the various meetings organized between the parents of the pupils and the principal. And notice that the tension does not drop. About the academy, the document explains, after mentioning a meeting between the principal, a father, Brahim C., and the preacher Abdelhakim Sefrioui, currently in custody after the dissemination of viral videos on social networks : “At the same time, the principal informed her superiors, who requested the intervention of the Secularism and values ​​of the Republic team. [personnels d’accompagnement et de prévention de l’Académie, ndlr]». The arrival of an inspector is even scheduled on October 9 at 1.45 p.m., in order to “To accompany the principal during an interview with the professor, in particular to remind her of the rules of secularism and neutrality”. In addition, the document continues, “This made it possible to prepare the scheduled meeting between the teacher, the principal then the parents of the pupils”. But in no place, therefore, does the note mention sanctions against the professor.

What the author of the article in Point, thus responding to the erroneous paper of Current values taking it as a source:

Current values as well as some commentators have made an amalgamation with another article from Point, dedicated to Abdelhakim Sefrioui. There is mentioned a video, where the activist declares that the academic inspectorate contacted the father of the family to tell him that they were going “Crack down” against the teacher.

“We left there with the firm intention of mobilizing for action in front of the establishment and in front of the academic inspectorate. But in the afternoon, the academic inspectorate contacted the student’s parent and expressed his astonishment to know that it happened like that in the course of this thug, and that they were going to crack down, that ‘they were going to really activate in that direction, and that they were going to send inspectors to see this thug “, says Abdelhakim Sefrioui in this video.

Denied by the Ministry of National Education

But if we know that an inspector was actually to meet Samuel Paty, only Abdelhakim Sefrioui indicates that it was for “Crack down”. The intelligence note, for its part, evokes a simple reminder “Rules of secularism and neutrality”.

In a press release sent this Sunday evening, the Ministry of National Education returns to this statement: “Mr. Sefrioui said that the academic inspectorate would be ready to “crack down” on Mr. Paty. This is obviously wrong. It would be absurd and paradoxical to give credit to this person’s words. The institution has always been in full support of Mr. Paty. At no time was it said, or even implied, or thought that the institution was going to “crack down” against Mr. Paty. “

The text continues: “For forty-eight hours, misleading information has circulated on social networks, and in certain media, concerning the care and support provided by the educational institution to Samuel Paty […].» And insists on several occasions: the Values ​​of the Republic team “Spoke with Samuel Paty and confirmed him in the approach he had taken during his course”. “The will of the inspection services was to explain the teacher’s approach in order to appease the father of this pupil”, explains the statement, noting that the inspection encouraged the professor to file a defamation complaint. The Minister “Requested the opening of an investigation by the general inspectorate” to establish the chain of facts, concludes the text.

Asked a little earlier today on France Info, Jean-Michel Blanquer replied on the subject. Also based on the article in Point, France 2 columnist Nathalie Saint-Cricq asks him: “Are you aware of this referent, who would obviously have gone to put things in order in the establishment and in particular to make a report against Mr. Paty?” Is this information true? ”

Response from the Minister of National Education: “This information is false. This is what is very serious. What is true is that the referents have come, and so much the better. ” Nathalie Saint-Cricq to relaunch: “Did they come to lecture him or to support him?” “There was full support from the teacher”, slice Jean-Michel Blanquer.

In summary, There is nothing to support the thesis of a threat of sanction against Samuel Paty from the rector of the academy. This is not mentioned in a chain of events information note. Only Abdelhakim Sefrioui mentioned this sanction in a video. Words qualified as “false information” by the Ministry of National Education.


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