Washington asks its citizens in Russia to leave immediately

The US Embassy in Moscow issued an overnight security alert urging US citizens to leave Russia immediately as there are still options to leave the country.

The alert comes in the wake of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s order to partially mobilize Russian men to fight in his war in Ukraine.

“Russia may refuse to recognize dual nationals, deny them access to assistance at US consulates, prevent them from leaving Russia, and may recruit dual nationals for military service,” the warning said. “The Russian authorities have arrested American citizens who participated in demonstrations,” the warning added.

The US Embassy has constantly warned against traveling to Russia, and to leave the country immediately.

The embassy alert urged US citizens to “avoid all political or social protests, and not to photograph security personnel at these events,” noting that “the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression are not guaranteed in Russia.”

The warning said the embassy “has severe limitations on its ability to assist US citizens, and circumstances, including transportation options, may suddenly become limited.”

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