Washington calls on North Korea to refrain from “further provocations”

The US State Department reveals the details of the trilateral meeting that took place today in Washington with the Japanese and South Korean sides, to discuss cooperation between the three countries on North Korea.

  • During the meeting, a detailed discussion was held on the current situation on the Korean Peninsula.

The US State Department announced that the US Special Envoy for North Korea, Sung Kim, participated in Washington in a tripartite meeting with Takehiro Funakoshi, head of the Bureau of Asia and Pacific Affairs of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and No Kyu-dok, the special representative of South Korea for Peace and Security Affairs on the Korean Peninsula, to discuss inter-state cooperation. The United States, South Korea and Japan on North Korea.

During the meeting, a detailed discussion was held on the current situation on the Korean peninsula, and it was emphasized to work in a tripartite manner to reduce tensions and make progress towards the common goal of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

Special Representative Kim reiterated the United States’ condemnation of North Korea’s launch ballistic missile Today, which “violates numerous UN Security Council resolutions,” he called on North Korea to “refrain from further provocations and engage in a sustained and substantive dialogue.”

Kim reiterated Washington’s “strong commitment” to its allies, South Korea and Japan, expressing his support for “humanitarian assistance to vulnerable North Koreans”, stressing “the United States’ commitment to an immediate solution to the abduction issue.”

وقال Sung Kim Earlier today: “We will continue our diplomatic path with North Korea in order to take concrete steps that improve the security of the United States and our allies.”

was North Korean leader “The United States is the root cause of the tensions on the Korean peninsula,” he said last week.

Pyongyang is subject to international sanctions against the backdrop of its nuclear and ballistic programs, which have made great progress under Kim.

North Korea tested In recent weeks, highly advanced missiles, including a long-range cruise missile, a hypersonic glide missile, and an anti-aircraft missile have been made.

The nuclear talks between North Korea and the United States have been stalled since the collapse of the nuclear deal Summit held in Hanoi In 2019 between Kim and then US President Donald Trump, against the backdrop of the concessions required from Pyongyang in exchange for sanctions relief.


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