Washington imposes new sanctions on individuals linked to Hezbollah in Lebanon | news

Today, Friday, the United States imposed sanctions on three Lebanese and ten companies it described as part of an international network for Hezbollah, accusing them of trying to evade sanctions against the group, which Washington classifies as a “terrorist organization.”

The US Treasury said in a statement that it targeted Adnan Ayyad, who it said was a member of Hezbollah and a businessman, as well as other members of an international network of brokers and companies associated with him and his partner, Adel Diab, whose name Washington included, last Tuesday, on the sanctions list.

The ministry indicated that some of the entities targeted by the sanctions are based in Zambia.

Today, Friday, a move came after Washington imposed, last Tuesday, sanctions on three businessmen – including Diab – linked to the Hezbollah group, saying that their activity in facilitating the financial transactions of the group exploits Lebanon’s economic resources at a time when the country is facing a crisis.

“The Treasury is committed to disrupting Hezbollah’s illicit activity and attempts to circumvent sanctions through business networks while intensifying sponsorship of patronage and corruption networks in Lebanon,” Brian Nelson, Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, said in a statement today.

And the US Treasury stated that the procedure, last Tuesday, requires the freezing of all the properties and businesses of the three businessmen located in the United States and reporting them to the Ministry, and Americans are prohibited from any transactions related to these properties.

“The United States stands in solidarity with the Lebanese people whose security and sovereignty continue to be threatened by Hezbollah’s corrupt and destabilizing activities,” Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said on Twitter following the announcement.

Crises have wracked the Lebanese economy since 2019, when it collapsed under the weight of the hills of debt, and last week the local currency (the lira) plunged to a new record and large sectors of citizens fell into poverty.

From time to time, Washington imposes sanctions on people linked to the Lebanese Hezbollah or its leaders.

Under the sanctions, all property of the targets under US jurisdiction is frozen, and Americans are prohibited from engaging in transactions with them.

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