Washington ready to hold direct talks with Iran

IIn the nuclear dispute with Iran, the United States has underscored its willingness to hold direct talks with the country. The State Department in Washington announced on Thursday that the United States would accept an invitation from EU Foreign Affairs Representative Josep Borrell to a meeting of all the signatories of the 2015 nuclear deal with Tehran.

At this meeting, including Iran, a diplomatic solution to the dispute over the Iranian nuclear program should be discussed, said ministry spokesman Ned Price.

End of the “extremely restrictive measures”

The US State Department also announced that the draconian restrictions on the freedom of movement of Iranian UN diplomats imposed by former President Donald Trump are to be relaxed. The “extremely restrictive measures” should be lifted “to remove unnecessary barriers to multilateral diplomacy,” said a ministry official.

As part of its campaign of “maximum pressure” on Iran, the Trump administration at UN headquarters in New York had banned accredited Iranian diplomats from moving outside of a few blocks from the UN building and the headquarters of the Iranian representation.

The latest announcements from Washington followed a virtual conference of Foreign Ministers of the United States, Germany, France and the UK on Thursday. These three European states, along with the United States, China and Russia, are among the signatory states to the nuclear agreement with Iran, which is supposed to prevent the country from building the atomic bomb.


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