Washington’s march against compulsory vaccination

CHRONICLE — On January 23, 2022, thousands of Americans of all political persuasions and beliefs marched solemnly and in the cold up the driveway that connects the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial. Bypassing the vaccination obligation implemented in the capital, these citizens revolted by the federal health policy came from all states to publicly demand freedom of treatment and the end of vaccination mandates under the highly symbolic figures of the Founding Fathers.

The big names in civic, medical and political resistance have delivered their message with force and without compromise: we must stop these mandates of shame, this vaccine policy without scientific foundation which is doing considerable damage, stop propaganda and censorship, and generalize safe, cheap and effective early treatments, which prevent most hospitalizations and deaths.

The same weekend, similar demonstrations were taking place in Brussels, Canada, where the truckers are on their way to blockade the capital Ottawa, in France, in Germany, in Italy, in Australia. People everywhere are rising up to defend their fundamental freedoms. Very often, the trigger was the vaccination of children. As stated by several experts without conflicts of interest like Dr. Mike Yeadon and Dr. Peter McCullough, a child is 100 times more likely to die from the injection than from the coronavirus.

Uncompromising speeches

The time has come to officially denounce public institutions and their leaders, who will be held accountable before the courts. Facing the crowd, the doctors took turns at the podium. All have asked for the freedom to practice and treat freely for themselves and health professionals in the interest of the patient. Among them, some big names who have risen for several months against the health dictatorship:

the Dr Paul Marik, professor of medicine, 35 years of practice, author, like most of his colleagues, of numerous research works, and vitamin C specialist. He has developed effective protocols for many Covid patients.

Last November, the health agency banned him from using ivermectin, wanting to impose remdesivir on him. He refused. Publicly claiming that this drug is toxic and that it kills patients, his license to practice medicine was withdrawn. He expressed his emotion: I found myself banned from practicing in front of my dying patients, you can imagine what that feels like. Let the doctors prescribe! »

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the Dr Peter McCullough, whose reputation as an experienced and honest doctor has gone beyond borders. He successfully treated many Covid patients and announced an awakening of science, the real one.

He denounced the bankruptcy of the institutions which, at no time, did not support either the doctors or the health professionals who cared for the sick with effective early treatments, notably reducing hospitalizations and deaths. In fact, these institutions have done the opposite and their instructions – to stay at home while waiting for the vaccine – have affected the most vulnerable, the elderly, the poorest.

Peter McCullough clarified he is not antivax – the oversimplifying message repeated ad nauseam by propaganda to avoid any scientific debate – and reminded an enthusiastic public that every American has the freedom to choose his doctor and his treatment.

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Dr. Pierre Kory, co-founder of the FLCCC, has also successfully treated hundreds of patients using effective protocols including ivermectin. He raised the torch, declaring without concession that this pandemic is a war against health, the pharmaceutical industries, more interested in their profits than in patients, having taken control of the media via their advertising budgets to spread their propaganda.

He denounced the war on these generic drugs and forcefully demanded, with public support, an end to medical tyranny. ” We must live free or we will die! “, he shouted before leaving the platform.

Finally the Dr Robert Malone, co-inventor of mRNA technology. He left his reserve of expert and, since last May, he speaks publicly to stop these vaccination obligations, to reserve this treatment for people at risk and especially not to touch children. This earned him being removed from the platforms Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook…

He recalled the fundamental values ​​that commit us: integrity, dignity, solidarity in our communities. The politicization of public health has shown its failure. He said loud and clear: These vaccines don’t work, they’re not really safe and they don’t last; they do not prevent transmission or catching the disease and are ineffective against the Omicron variant. »

The scientist recalled that, conversely, natural immunity is much longer and protects much better against the virus. If there is a risk with these vaccines, people must have a choice, as postulated by the principles of bioethics. To deny this fact is to deny human dignity. He insisted on our responsibility as adults to protect our children and not to have them injected because of the risks involved.

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Justice must be done

The end of this march for truth, justice and freedom was brilliantly ensured, despite his dysphonia, by Robert Kennedy Jr. Coming from a world famous line of democratic politicians, this lawyer made himself known thanks to the trials titanic he won with his colleagues against the pharmaceutical industries and the deleterious consequences of their vaccines and drugs.

Committed to the cause of children, this Democrat formally questions the management of this health crisis and the repeated actions of concealment of clinical data by the FDA. He recalled that to date, Pfizer’s data on clinical trials of its vaccine will be hidden from the public for 55 years!

Author of a major book “The Real Anthony Fauci”, published in November 2021 and quickly becoming a bestseller despite censorship, he has assembled a substantial database of facts, documents and expert testimony, which will be essential for actions in court to come.

He praised the work of these conscientious doctors who dared to speak out, do their job and care for their patients while respecting the Hippocratic oath. Among the data he cited, he reminded the audience that the “Lazarus 2010” project, a three-year study conducted by Harvard University in 2010, concluded that VAERS, the official surveillance system reporting side effects and deaths from vaccines, actually accounted for 1% of the actual effects. Since then, the CDC has done nothing to improve the situation and the pharmaceutical companies labeled as criminals have paid more than 35 billion dollars in criminal penalties for damage caused by their products to children and adults!

Robert Kennedy Jr. concluded by saying that despite political and religious differences, every American wants respect for the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Openness on the political side

To bring this key information to the political field, Republican Senator Ron Johnson took the risk, despite the silence of most elected officials, of organizing public hearings of those whose voice counts to break the dam of censorship. and misinformation. On January 25, these same doctors, along with other legitimate experts, testified publicly before the commission on treatments that work.

the Dr Harvey Risch used and showed the positive effect of hydroxychloroquine on patients very early on, such as Professor Didier Raoult in France, and scientifically demonstrated the effect of this proven drug. On the basis of the fraudulent study published in the Lancet, the CDC blocked this drug by reserving it for the hospital, which constitutes a medical fraud of the greatest magnitude, because the hospitalized patients suffer from pathologies other than at the start of infection. He also confirms like other colleagues that the Omicron variant acts as a natural vaccine and signals the end of the pandemic.

Despite massive censorship, misinformation and pro-vaccine propaganda that has wreaked havoc in terms of death, trauma, bankruptcy, the tide is turning and the scaffolding of lies is cracking more and more. As Saint Augustine said, the truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend her. Release her and she will defend herself. »

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