Watch .. Famous Kuwaiti Snape Bibi Abdel Mohsen documents clips from the “Hamaki” concert in Jeddah

Al-Marsad newspaper: The famous Kuwaiti “Snapchat”, Bibi Abdel Mohsen, documented clips of the Egyptian singer Mohamed Hamaki’s concert, which was held in Jeddah with a large audience on Sunday.

The video, which was published by “Bibi” on her account on “Snapchat”, showed the enthusiastic atmosphere at the ceremony and the interaction of the audience with “Hamaki”, and the equipment that was in the place.

Bibi Abdel Mohsen expressed her happiness at attending the ceremony, saying: “I feel it was not enough… I didn’t get enough of it.. Quickly he came out of the stage.. We were tamed.. One of the times I came to Jeddah.. Thank you, people of Jeddah.”

The Kuwaiti famous Snape also monitored another aspect of his visit while she was waiting to be transferred to Jeddah Airport, and a Saudi military brought water for her and her escorts for drinking.

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