Watch.. Famous Snape “Shehab” celebrates the 91st National Day, and his grandmother is wearing green

Al-Marsad newspaper: Shehab Melh, the famous Iranian social networking site, famous for “Shehab Melh Instagram”, celebrated the Saudi National Day with his grandmother.

Shihab Melh’s grandmother appeared in a men’s suit next to Shihab Melh, singing and dancing to the tunes of Saudi songs, wearing a green men’s suit.

During the last period, Shehab Melh Instagram caused a sensation with a video he posted of his grandmother’s wedding, and the latter appeared in the video wearing a white wedding dress accompanied by her groom, an old man who appeared in a gray suit with a red shirt, and the audience noticed that Shehab’s grandmother collapsed and felt tired as soon as entering the hall A close friend stood beside her.

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