Watch football from home? Here is what you need to know!

As Euro football is about to begin, the temptation to watch the Devils matches is great. The Partena Professional social secretariat calls on supporters who would like to watch matches during office hours to use their common sense on Thursday.

According to Partena Professional, two scenarios are to be considered.

The first concerns the teleworker. Although there is no formal ban on watching a match during working hours, this must in no way have an impact on the management of daily tasks related to the employee’s function and the employee. must remain reachable and available during the hours worked.

The second scenario concerns workers who, for one reason or another, are forced to come to the office. In this case, the flexibility generally granted to teleworkers does not apply and watching a match is, in principle, prohibited.

The difference in treatment between the two can be explained by several things. “It is linked in particular to the autonomy which is left to the teleworker and to the difficulty, for the employer, to carry out checks. Let us not lose sight, either, of the fact that in the event of telework, the worker Usually uses his own equipment to watch a football match, whether it is his internet connection or his television. On the other hand, when a worker works on the premises of the company, he is likely to use the upgraded equipment. his employer’s provision to watch the match, such as the company’s internet connection. This can be risky because he would then use professional access for private purposes, “explains Catherine Mairy, legal expert at Partena Professional.

Regarding the possible wearing of a football jersey during work, everything depends on the employer. In the law, clothing requirements are linked to safety or hygiene. However, each employer is free to enact a dress code in his work regulations which must be respected by his employees.

Once again, although a control of teleworkers is impossible, it is necessary, according to Partena Professional, that they respect the code of dress during a video meeting for example.

In spite of everything, it may be possible to find an arrangement concerning an adaptation of the working hours with the employer. Partena Professional recalls, however, that this type of arrangement must concern all workers who request it in order to avoid any discrimination.

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