Watch: Ilham Al-Fadala and her husband, Shihab Gohar, first appeared after their marriage

Kuwaiti artist Ilham Al-Fadala published her first photo with her new husband, artist Shehab Johar, where Ilham published a set of photos and videos of her with her husband, through her official account via the photo-sharing application (Instagram), and another on the (Snapchat) application.

Al-Fadala appeared in one of the pictures with her husband, Shehab Jawhar, from the scenes of their series “After Me The Flood,” and commented on her photo with Shehab, saying: “Good evening, behind the scenes of filming the series (After Me The Flood,” according to (Nort).

Elham also appeared with some children talking to them in a funny way, while a child expressed her great love for the Kuwaiti artist, and in turn, Elham confirmed her great love for all children, as she spontaneously sang with them, which impressed the audience, and this video has achieved thousands of views since it was published via Social media.

Al-Fadala embodies the character of Anisa, while her husband, Shihab Jawhar, embodied the character of Darwish. , Hassan Abdullah, Rahaf Muhammad, and the work is written by Ali Dohan, and directed by Manaf Abdullah.

The Kuwaiti artist, Ilham Al-Fadala, is keen recently to publish many short clips, photos and clips behind the scenes of her new series.


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