Watch out! Scientists Show Why You Should NOT Flush the Toilet With the Lid Up

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Although go to bath It’s a pretty common practice that we do every day.there are several unhygienic customs that we ignore and that could even be dangerous, such is the case of flush with lid up.

Many people are already in the habit of doing it, while others, either out of laziness, believing it unnecessary or for other reasons, ignore it and prefer to keep the lid open throughout their stay in the toilet.

However, with the aim of putting an end to this bad and unhygienic habit, scientists set out to visually demonstrate how disgusting it can be. flush him to the bathroom with the toilet lid up.

Why should the toilet be flushed with the lid down?

According to scientists from the University of Colorado Boulder, located in California, United States, every time we flush the chain, a whirlpool of water is formed, with an aerosol effect, which shoots thousands of fecal microparticles into the air, which will be dispersed all over the toilet.

To show people what happens with this unsanitary habit, the researchers used bright green lasers and cameras positioned in different positions, demonstrating how tiny droplets of water, invisible to the naked eye, are expelled out of the toilet after flushing. of the chain.

According to experts, the small expelled droplets are not harmless as is thought, since they are not only made of water, but can also carry pathogens such as E.coli, C. difficile, norovirus and adenovirus.

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Therefore, these particles carry pathogens, which could pose a risk of exposure to people, which would lead to the development of diseases and infections as a result of microorganisms that may come into contact with the skin or are breathed in.

Some of the diseases that can be developed by the E. coli bacteria are: diarrhea, urinary tract infections, respiratory diseases and bloodstream infections.

That is why scientists recommend that every time people visit the bathroom and relieve themselves, pull the lever with the lid always down.

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