Watch.. Rahaf Al-Qahtani reveals what happened to her nose after being injected with fillers in order to raise the bunny!

Al-Marsad newspaper: Snapchat celebrity Rahaf Al-Qahtani, better known as “That flavor”, revealed the problems caused by the filler injection process in her nose.

Rahaf said, in a video clip, through her account on Snapchat: “Sweet Filler is based on the fact that he lifts me up the rabbit, the material is going down and I have a puff in my nose, you see what was in me.”

Rahaf continued: “I went and said I want to dissolve the puff, and I made an appointment, but there was a puff from the sides of the nose.”

Rahaf warned the girls against getting the filler, saying: “It’s all from the filler, no one puts a filler in the middle, they play on you, liars, don’t make it dangerous.”

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