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Watch the founder, Othman 77, complete, with translation, La Rosa, a love story.

Founder Othman 77 La Rosa, a love story, we follow with you the presentation of the events of the series, The Resurrection of Othman, Episode 77, with full translation, from the story of love or piles, as it will be broadcast today, Wednesday, the twenty-ninth of this December, episode 77. 77 complete, subtitled, Watch Live on the Turkish ATV channel, which broadcasts the series Osman’s Resurrection, Part Three.

Dear readers, now the series, founder Othman, episode 77, has been translated, and a love story. next link A page will be opened for the seventy-seventh episode of the Resurrection of Othman, click on the image shown to watch, then you will be transferred to the viewing page.

Founder Osman 77 La Rosa, a love story

The founder Othman series 77, with full subtitles, La Rosa’s video, a love story. The events of the new episode of the Othman Resurrection series begin every Wednesday of the week at exactly eight o’clock in the evening Cairo and Tripoli time and at nine o’clock in the evening Saudi Arabia and Jordan time, while the episodes of the founder Othman series are broadcast in Exactly at ten in the evening, Abu Dhabi time, UAE, but without subtitles, via the Turkish ATV channel, which broadcasts the series “The Resurrection of Othman.”

The previous episode ended with some powerful scenes after Mr. Othman rescued his fighters from captivity in the Khan from the hands of the Seljuk State Minister Alam Shah and the warrior Konur Alp. An important event.

Othman 77 complete with translation facebook

The last episode of the founder Othman series also ended with the scene of the departure of Mr. Othman with his fighters heading towards the castle of Inagol, its leader, Alla Nicholas. Today’s episode is expected to witness the process of opening the castle, so follow us. The Turkish ATV channel is finishing its broadcasts and some sites are working on translating it. The episode will also witness the disclosure of Gunduz’s betrayal of his brother, Mr. Othman. So what will Othman do with him? Will Gunduz’s fate be the same as the fate of his uncle Dundar, or will there be other events, all of which we will learn about through episode 77 of Othman’s Resurrection.

And there are many sites that will provide a service to watch the resurrection of Othman 77, with translation, Facebook, Twitter, facebook, the founder, Othman 77, with full subtitles, La Rosa’s video, piles, love story. We will provide the video of the seventy-seventh episode of the Resurrection of Othman, fully translated, in high quality, shortly from now, so be with us and do not go far, as you can keep this page and return to it shortly from now, you will find episode 77 of the Resurrection of Othman with translation.

Founder Othman Episode 77 Telegram with subtitles

Osman 77, fully translated, and there are many that raise many questions about what Osman will do after he discovers what his older brother Gunduz did after cooperating with the Seljuk State Minister Alam Shah, which led to the kidnapping of Princess Mary by Gunduz and his wife, while the custom stipulates that the guest should not be extradited. And many other questions raised by followers and fans of the Osman Resurrection series.

Update: Little remains until the end of the founder Osman 77’s show in full via the Turkish ATV channel, the exclusive carrier of all episodes of the series Osman’s Resurrection Part Three, and through whom we seek to present, new events were revealed in Episode 77 Othman, where Minister Alam Shah appeared in Sogut, specifically inside a house Sheikh Adibali with a group of warriors.

A new figure appeared with him holding a whip in his hand and Minister Alam Shah issued an order to arrest Sheikh Adibali while there were Aksha Darwish and Mrs. Bala Hattun, Othman’s wife, and the warrior Sungur informed Mr. Othman and here Othman will develop a court plan in order to save Sheikh Adibali as from the hands of the unjust minister Follow us, the events of the founder Othman, episode 77, with subtitles, on Telegram, shortly.

Othman H77, fully translated, see live

Dear readers, now you can watch the series of the founder Othman, H 77, with full subtitles, Watch Live, through the link attached above, and we would like to remind you that this link is active and working. Directly transferring you to the viewing page via Show Live.

Our website family wishes you an enjoyable viewing, and we will continue to present and monitor more episodes of the founder Othman 78 with full subtitles by Rosa Watch Live, through successive articles.

The events of Episode 77 Othman

To complete what we monitored about Episode 77 Othman with full subtitles, the events also witnessed the marriage of Mr. Turgot and Princess Mary, and the wedding ceremony was held in Harman Kaya Castle in agreement with Mikhail Kossis Tekfor, and Kosis united with Osman to stop Nicola and burn the following goods in order to establish the market In the castle of Inagol, and indeed Osman and the heroic warriors succeeded in spoiling that game. All the tools and goods that entered the castle in agreement with Mikhail Kossis were keen, and Nicholas and the Minister Alam Shah were caught in the trap.

On the other hand, Othman went to the tribe in order to meet with Buran, who partially lost his mind after he was tortured in the episode before the last. Othman spoke with his warrior with words that might be a reason to wake up, and then Othman went to his wife Bala Hatton to check on her and in his last interview in the tribe He stormed the Sovereignty tent and confronted his brother Gunduz and spoke to him and struck him in the face and concluded his speech by saying, “I fear for you, my brother, that you will be like my uncle Dundar, who cooperated with the infidels and betrayed the tribe and the people.”

The marriage ceremony between Turgut Alp and Princess Mary had hardly taken place, and the plans of Nicholas and Vizier Alam Shah were burnt and spoiled. Kosis and Governor Rogatos agreed with Vizier Alam Shah that the market would be held in Pelagic Castle instead of Inagol on the pretext that it would be appropriate for the time being and Rogatos could provide protection and all that Required for the safety of the merchandise of the trade within the castle. But it is nothing but a trap made by Othman, Kossis and Rogatos, with the vizier Alam Shah caught in the grip of Othman and the warriors. Indeed, the plan was done and the episode ended with the scene of the confrontation of Othman and Vizier Alam Shah inside the minister’s rest room in the castle. Follow us.

Osman 78 La Rosa, a love story with full translation

Dear readers, followers of the Al-Bayan News website, we would like to remind you that we will work to provide a continuous follow-up to the events of all episodes of the Osman Resurrection series, as we will provide you with watching Othman 78 La Rosa, a fully translated love story, after the end of episode 78 Osman’s Resurrection via the Turkish ATV channel, the exclusive carrier of episodes The founder Othman, the third part, and after work is done on the translation as well.

But we would also like to inform you that there are many websites and web pages on the Internet that circulated some news a few hours ago regarding the postponement of the Resurrection of Othman, Episode 78, Part Three, but no official news has been published so far by any official or party responsible for The series is related to the postponement of Episode 78, founder Othman, and we will provide you with everything new in the coming time regarding this matter.

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