Watch the heartwarming clip… Performances at the “Chun Wan” Chinese New Year’s Eve 2023

Chinese New Year’s Eve which the Chinese call “Chunwan” (春晚) on the last night of the year according to the Chinese lunar calendar for the year 2023, organized by China Media Group (CMG), serving delicious entertainment to celebrate the traditional New Year’s Eve night for Chinese people across the country. word It ended last weekend.

The last day of the year according to the Chinese lunar calendar falls on January 21, 2023.

CMG’s “Chun Wan” gala” has earned a Guinness World Records record as the “Most Viewed Television Gala in the World”. It is an annual festival on New Year’s Eve according to the Chinese lunar calendar since 1983 for 40 consecutive years.

For the “Chun Wan” gala held under the concept “Idea + Art + Technology” conveys the specialty of Chinese traditional arts and culture. that combines real life and civilizations of countries around the world using modern art and light technology Presents a variety of performances such as singing and dancing, talk shows, comedy, Chinese opera (opera), kung fu, wushu, and acrobatics.

Particularly interesting for this year’s Chun Wan event is the use of new technologies such as VR 3D images developed by CMG. and 3D sound technology used for the first time to create outstanding audio and visual work.

The 41st Chun Wan is full of spectacular performances. From delicate dance performances such as “Beauty on the South China Bridge”, Kung Fu Wushu performances from Shaolin Temple Nanyin ancient music performance of Fujian province and stories on the Silk Road, for example, reflecting the charm of Chinese culture with a history of thousands of years.

Image of Zhao Liying, one of the celebrities who took to the stage to perform a solo song and dance performance during the Chinese New Year gala celebration.  “41st Chunwan” 2023 (File photo from Chinese media Sina
For this year’s Chun Wan One of the most famous stars and celebrities of the Chinese entertainment industry who took to the stage and attracted the attention of the audience. It was Zhao Liying. (赵丽颖)In a singing program with a beautiful dance performance. which we have brought the full performance clip of hers to leave the reader with: 4th performance clip: “Courtyard of Beauty, Colors of A Nation” show 《满庭芳·国色》

Let’s see some performances of “Chun Wan” 2023

Act 1(杂技Acrobatic) [2023央视春晚]Acrobatics “Dragon Leaping in China” lead dancer: Yang Hao, Li Yifan and Zhang Haozheng

Act 2 (非遗、民俗 Intangible Cultural Heritage – walking on stilts) [2023央视春晚]Children’s folk performance “Grandpa and I Walk on Stilts” lead dancer: Li Yan and Zhou Mengying

Act 3 (舞蹈 dance) [2023央视春晚]The lead dancer of the dance “The Bridge of Dingbu”: Zhu Jiejing

Act 4 (创意节目 Creative Performance – Sing and Dance)[2023央视春晚]Creative program “Man Ting Fang_National Beauty” Singer: Zhao Liying Performance: Tang Shiyi, Jiang Aidong, Wang Nianci, Li_Ran Su Hailu

Act 5(创意节目 Creative Performance – Sing and Dance)[2023央视春晚]Creative program “When “The Beast” Meets the Beast” VR painting: Shi Shanshan singing: Ayunga, Yang Enyou, Hong Lie, etc.


Chun Wan (Overview) 2023年春晚

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