Watch the Italy-Turkey match broadcast live today at the opening of the European Nationsم

The Italian national team collides with its Turkish counterpart this evening, Friday, June 11, at the Olympic Stadium, in order to calculate the opening of the first stage of the group stage of the European Nations Championship “European Nations” 2020/2021.

Koura 365 will provide its followers with a live broadcast of the match between Italy and Turkey, with the start of the scheduled start whistle at 10:00 pm Mecca time, i.e. nine in Cairo time, and the confrontation will be broadcast live on the BN Sport HD1 Max channel with an audio performance by the commentator. Hafeez Draghi.

Since the international break, the Italian national team has entered a period of preparation for the Euro, where it has undergone very intensive training for the players, while it has concluded two friendly matches in which it appeared in a distinctive way, where the first was against San Marino and defeated it by seven without a response, and the second was the Czech Republic and won by four clean.

The Italian national team confirms its great readiness for this important tournament on the continent, as it finished its preparations for this battle with high concentration and great confidence.

On the other hand, the Turkish national team prepared well for the European Nations Championship, as it played 3 friendly matches, winning two matches and drawing one. This is an acceptable number and confirms its readiness for the Euro, but official matches always have a special character.

The Turkish team is looking for tonight after completing its preparations for this opening match to win and present a strong match, through which it seeks to occupy the top from the beginning to ignite the conflict fiercely in this first group, but this matter will not be easy, especially as it faces a stubborn and strong opponent.

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