Watch this video of singer Adele to see a coincidence that brought her tears

British singer Adele went through, with a surprise that brought tears to her eyes, during an intimate concert, which she performed in London a week ago and was pre-recorded, and then its facts were broadcast by the British channel ITV on its screen last Saturday, in which coincidence allowed Adele to find someone who distinguished her as a child, but completely changed her life During a short break from her singing performance at the party, fellow actress Emma Thompson asked if there was anyone who supported her, protected her from life’s adversities and inspired her when she was young to move on.

Adele did not wait long to answer: “Yes. I had a teacher at Chestnut Gove (whose school you mean in London) who taught me English. Her name was Miss MacDonald.” She did not contact her later, because she had stopped teaching.

She recounted that the teacher “was only there for a year, but she succeeded in making me love literature. I was obsessed with English and now obviously write my lyrics (she means her lyrics) but she also did street dances, and it made me fond of joining[the teacher]she was Very, very cool. She made us care and we feel that she cares about us.. She was wearing a set of gold bracelets and she wore sequins (shiny and sparkling) that was so gorgeous”, according to her enthusiastic expression.

Suddenly, after a reaction from someone in the audience, with a muttering of words from the actress Thompson, Adele realized that “Miss MacDonald” must be in the audience, so she stared looking for her with her eyes among them, and could not avoid the surprise when she saw her rise from her seat between The audience.

As soon as she went to where her student was on stage, Adele leaned in and said, crying and melting in her embrace: “You are wonderful and beautiful, hello my dear. I am so proud of you, I didn’t know you were coming.” “No, it’s okay, it’s supposed to be a surprise.” Then the camera took care of the rest, and after that a video was born of the most beautiful in the last period.

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