Watch .. “Zainab Al-Askari” raises widespread criticism for the way she celebrates her mother’s recovery and discharge from the hospital

Al-Marsad newspaper: Bahraini actress Zainab Al-Askari published a video clip on her Instagram account, in which she celebrated her mother’s recovery and discharge from the hospital, after a recent illness.

Al-Askari commented, “Praise be to God for the safety of my dear mother… I ask God Almighty, Lord of the Great Throne… to grant her health and wellness, my beloved. If you say thank you, my thanks will not fulfill you, your right.”

She added: “Thank you for your sincere prayers. Thank you for the sincere feelings you gave me, stemming from your hearts. May the merciful protect you and may God not deprive me of you, brothers and sisters. I ask God Almighty to bless you with health and wellness, and may God grant you peace and the happiest of your beautiful hearts

She also reviewed some of the gifts she gave to her mother, and revealed that her mother keeps gifts in her room; What exposed her to criticism from followers who accused her of showing off by celebrating her appearance with her mother and kissing her hands and head in front of the audience.

But she responded to the criticism by saying: “Sure, she said to the whole world, see me while I kiss my mother and my world and my cheek, and I am proud of her love for me and my love for her, and between a mother and her daughter and her children there is no hypocrisy, and God knows what is in the hearts. As for hearts devoid of these sweet feelings, it is difficult to comprehend my joy. And see all the comments.”

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