Watching Vaccine Tourism, which country has traveled already? Get vaccinated against COVID free!

Vaccine Tourism or Vaccine tour Is a new concept To restore and promote tourism This is to attract foreign tourists to come to get vaccinated in that country, especially in countries where there are enough vaccines. Because in some countries the vaccine is not widely distributed. Or still able to inject only certain groups of people

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1. Maldives

Has organized a policy “3V” Is 1. Visit (visit), 2. Vaccinate. and 3. Vacation The vaccination is offered to both tourists traveling to the Maldives, provided they have to stay here for at least 2 weeks. There are excellent spacing measures here. Because the accommodation will spread further away on each island Therefore has a very high level of safety

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2. Dubai

One of the largest cities in the UAE that is accepting tourists for vaccination. Which is open to administration for tourists from all countries Except for flights or tourists coming from South Africa, Nigeria and India, all travelers must bring negative COVID test results no more than 72 hours prior to their arrival. However, a new test may be performed depending on the originating country of arrival.

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Norwegian travel company ‘World Visitor’ Has organized a Russian tour package Since the beginning of April the past All packages will also receive the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. Whether it’s a short trip for 2 trips in a month to get 2 doses of vaccination or a long trip 23 days, get 2 doses of vaccination and a luxurious stay in the Parisort.

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4. Serbia

Has opened a vaccination trial for foreign tourists since last March. Because it is a country with more vaccines than people need. For tourists who come there will be a successful injection of Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Sputnik Five and Sino Farm. Because there are many tourists coming in to get vaccinated But now it has temporarily suspended the vaccine for foreigners. Because it wants to focus on vaccination back on the citizens of Serbia first.

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5. Mauritius

Island countries off the coast of Africa There is a vaccine tour policy. For those applying for a long-term visa who are over 18 years old, they are allowed to travel for one year and receive a free vaccine, the Bharat Biotech Covirus and Covacin Vaccine from India.

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6.Some states in the United States

It is allowed to persons aged 18 or over, whether they are US citizens or not. As long as you have a visa to enter the country. Can get vaccinated immediately This depends on the situation at the time in each state. For tourists such as Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio and New York, among others.

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New York is accepting Walk-ins to people in need of vaccination from around the world. Just bring your passport or passport to American museum of Natural and history (Museum of Nature and History) can be vaccinated against COVID-19. Both of Pfizer Or moderna for free There is no charge, you can register for it.

New York's Hottest Vaccination Site Is Now The American Museum Of Natural History - Gothamist

However ‘Vaccine Tour’ May be able to meet the need to vaccinate certain groups of people. Even though the world has a common goal, that is to ‘End the spread of COVID’ But the fairness is still questioned as the vast majority of the population in the country are still waiting for a vaccine allocated by the government. But why do those with money have more options? To protect myself from this terrible disease

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