[WBC]Darvish Posted a picture of the rally meeting “#Accounting was too dangerous” Group photo with Aki Sasaki and others-WBC2023: Nikkan Sports

Darvish chatting with Yuasa (front) and other pitchers during practice (photographed by Kenta Tao)
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Samurai Japan pitcher Yu Darvish (36 = Padres), who is believed to have hosted the rally for the WBC semi-final match against Mexico, updated his Twitter account on the 20th, saying, “Two games left” with the Japanese flag and a flame emoji. posted.

A group photo with pitcher Aki Sasaki (21 = Lotte), who started the game, was also attached.

What is eye-catching is the hashtag “#accounting was too dangerous”. Before this post, many players who participated updated their SNS. Pitcher Daiya Miyagi[21 = Orix]posted, “Thank you, Mr. Dar,” and it seems that Darvish, the oldest and central player of the team, paid the bill.

On the Internet, “I’m worried about the accounting”, “Mr. Darvish, even if I get the prize money, it will disappear on food expenses”, “Is the accounting too dangerous? I think that the common people still have a sense of money, so I want to support them.” And so on.

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