WDR “Stunksitzung”: Carnival with Wendler, Hildmann and the Reichstag

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Carnivalists torch the Reichstag in WDR broadcast with “Wendler” and “Hildmann”

Stand: 4:25 p.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes

A scene from the “Stunksitzung” 2021. Among others with Günther Ottemeier (middle) as Björn Höcke and Tom Simon (second from left) as SS-Siggi

Source: dpa

Björn Höcke is Reich Chancellor, the vice is called Attila Hildmann and a certain Michael Wendler intones “She loves Germany”: The WDR takes on the assault on the Reichstag again in a deliberately exaggerated carnival session.

Dhe Wendler is minister, Attila Hildmann is vice chancellor – and in the end the Reichstag burns: Cologne carnivalists continue to write the Corona story from the summer on this Thursday (10:15 p.m.) on WDR on WDR

“The somewhat different stunksitzung” – an alternative carnival show – imagines what would have happened if opponents of the Corona policy had not only occupied the stairs of the Reichstag, but had also taken power directly. One follows a “government-forming session” under the guidance of the alleged “Reich Chancellor Björn Höcke”.

In addition to Höcke, there are personnel who have made statements about the corona policy in recent months. The scandalous pop singer Michael Wendler (“She loves the DJ”) – called “Der Wendler” – is Minister of Culture and has composed a new national anthem: “She loves Germany”.

In addition there is a swarming “spirit healer”

He explains the awkward grammar by saying that otherwise the syllables would not fit. In real life, the singer, who had offered a forum for conspiracy theories on the Internet, was permanently banned from the Instagram platform. Wendler violated the provider’s guidelines, as it was said on Thursday.

Back to the satire: Vegan chef Attila Hildmann, who calls himself “ultra-right” and a conspiracy preacher in real life, is vice-chancellor in the parody. The round is complemented by a boisterous “spiritual healer” (“Merkel ischt a lizard”), who joins the demand to throw out all foreigners – “but not the Tibetans”.

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In the carnivalesque vision, the session ends in a fiasco: Reichtag is on fire because one of the parties involved somehow misunderstood the request to “ignite the fire for a new Greater Germany”. Wendler sings at the end: “Now the Reichstag is on fire”.

The “Stunk session” is a tradition in Cologne. It is more of a cabaret session that also pokes fun at the traditional session carnival. The actual “stunk session” was canceled due to the pandemic – there is the “slightly different stunk session”. It consists of current skits, new songs and classics.


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