“We all take hyperviolent things in the face”

Camélia Jornada with Pepper, her greyhound, at the hotel Les Jardins du Faubourg, in Paris, on January 7.

We had to do it twice. A first meeting had been made in the suite of a chic and trendy hotel on 8e district where, like an American star, Camélia Jordana chained interviews and photo shoots, assisted by a stylist, a makeup artist and two press officers, for the promotion of her fourth album. One of them, paperboard by hand, we announced a ” slight delay “ about twenty minutes. Naively, they believed her. Two hours later, we were still hanging out in the hotel lobby with Pepper, the singer’s greyhound, who was circling about as much as us. A few minutes before the curfew, we decided to throw in the towel, not having had the patience of our photographer who ended up succeeding in his shooting.

“I lived ten years constantly changing places with my bags. I discover the joys of having a home, of receiving, I love that! “

But the second attempt was the right one and we won on the exchange: Camélia invited us to her home, in her apartment in the Marais district, a lovely white loft from floor to ceiling in which she moved into a year ago. She receives without make-up, in a logo T-shirt on black jeans, white socks on her feet, smiling and in a good mood, offers rose-scented water before switching to wine. “This is all new to me, she enthuses. I left my parents at the age of 16 and lived for ten years constantly changing places with my bags. I discover the joys of having a home, of receiving, I love that! “

Overflowing activity …

When we met her four years ago, we were struck by her boundless energy. At 28, she is more bulldozer than ever. While the pandemic is attacking the culture hard, the young woman traces her path with roaring engines. And too bad if the noise she makes while walking disturbs others. At the beginning of January, the “New Star” of 2009 seems to be the busiest artist in France.

“Male dictates”, “patriarchy”, “relations of domination”, she now masters the concepts in vogue and claims to be intersectional feminism.

On the music side, a new pop opus, Easy fragile, which comes out on the 29th and whose single has already been a hit. On the cinema side, since his César in 2018 for The Brio by Yvan Attal, she aligns the shootings and the roles: young fighter in Sisters in arms by Caroline Fourest, in love with the delicate The things we say, the things we do by Emmanuel Mouret, escort girl in Night came, first feature film by Fred Farrucci, a noir film on modern slavery, a schoolmistress in Parents of students, a comedy by Noémie Saglio. The last three were released between July 15 and November 15, 2020. “I slipped between the drops, I have a lucky star that does its job well”, she said smiling.

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