We analyze the medicine to supply to “push” sectors: Alfonso Romo

The Office of the Presidency of the Republic analyzes the situation in which each sector is in each region of Mexico to define the medicine that will “push” them, because although some sectors are already at pre-pandemic levels, others are still living in crisis.

During the conference “Government, business and civil society: How do we participate together in the economic recovery of Mexico?“, organized by the Universidad Panamericana, the head of said Office, Alfonso Romo, stated that “we are sitting down with the different sectors to see what medicine we have to do by sector, we cannot generalize”.

There are sectors, he added, that need more “push” than others, while there are some that have already managed to recover, therefore meetings are organized by sector and by region.

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“It is trying to make efforts by sector and by region to see how and when we are going to push each one”, he stressed.

Likewise, he said that contrary to how other countries did that supported the productive sectors because they thought it was a short-lived pandemic, in Mexico it was thought that the problem could take longer, which gave the government room for action.

“So we as a country are ready to see when and how we have to support which sector,” he said.



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