“We are going to harden the preparation” of the XV of France

The emphasis on finishers, a requirement revised upwards, the choice of captain. Coach Fabien Galthié and manager Raphaël Ibanez have unveiled their “new method”.

Special envoy to Marcoussis

Focus on finishers

Galthie : “We have changed our selection method. We did a lot of work on managing emotions at the end of the game. This is an axis that we will be working on for the first two weeks. The focus will be on the end of the game (five of the six defeats of the XV of France under the Galthié era – 12 victories – were played during the last actions, Editor’s note).»

Ibanez : “It is a crucial issue. We’ve been preparing these tests for a long time. It was unthinkable to come to the CNR wondering what we were going to do. We anticipated as much as possible. The attitude will be essential to further strengthen the cohesion of the group. The 42 players have a role to play. With a real stake in what is called blue culture. Whatever their status, they must meet this imperative. “

Players labeled only finishers?

Galthie : “Labeled no, but we need it… Nothing is set in stone, nothing prevents a finisher from becoming a regular. But the importance of this word finisher, sometimes mocked, takes on a real meaning. It may therefore be that we voluntarily solidify this category of players which seems essential to us. “

A preparation that will harden

Galthie : “The other axis is to toughen up. We are going to harden our preparation. Our room for improvement comes from there, from our ability to increase our commitment. It’s going to be hard in intensity. As we assume that it is hard to live for those who are not in this list. In all areas, the players must be able to be even better. “

Which captain at Charles Ollivon’s relay?

Ibanez : “We have made good progress in our thinking. This is a central question that has occupied our minds for many weeks. It led us to define what the leader of a team should be. We have done a lot of thinking. At least five players have stood out, who are fully representative of the leadership. This major five is composed of Gaël Fickou, Guillaume Marchand, Antoine Dupond, Grégory Alldritt and Anthony Jelonch. We spent time with them to discuss the concept of leadership. On the criteria they must meet. We have identified four. Performance is essential. Generosity, not just being focused on your own performance, being able to give. Humility, respect your partners, the work of the management. And loyalty, the most important to us. The captain must inspire respect. ”

Galthié: “We announced 42 players. We should have announced 42 + 1. Charles (Ollivon) will be with us on Sunday. Our captain, injured but whose strength of character we know, will be present in the group to pass the baton to the captain whom he will announce to the players on Sunday evening. For a handover from captain to captain. Charles participated in discussions with the five identified players, his five allies. I also take this opportunity to repeat that Anthony (Jelonch) was a heroic captain who carried the colors of the XV of France in Australia. “


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