“We are mayors, not sheriffs!”

They are obviously numerous, the mayors of our region to have discovered the existence of this new platform intended to control the fellow citizens not respecting the quarantine of rigor.

>> In Fleurus, mayor Loic D’Haeyer admits “having difficulty understanding the interest of putting mayors in this position: knowing the identities offenders, and have them relay these identities to the police. “

>> On the Courcelles side, the mayor Caroline Taquin says she has confidence in the responsibility individual, but “for the rest, if the Region imposes initiatives on us, we will of course have to submit to them. “

>> At Bons Villers, mayor Mathieu Perin said he was surprised by the arrival of this platform: “We were not consulted, and I have the impression that we are still in a policy of guilt public “


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