We are not in wave three. They make fun of us, there are other interests

Adina Alberts contradicts the specialists: “It is an attempt to artificially form this third wave. There is no threat. They make fun of us, there are other interests “

Adina Alberts declared, live on România TV, that what is being circulated in the public space, namely that the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic has come, is a joke.

“I can only see, as many people can already realize, it is a hoax, an attempt to artificially form this third wave. Did not come. If, indeed, there had been the slightest threat that a third wave had come upon us, we should have done the following. Let’s let go, let’s liberalize access to Ivermectin, a substance considered by the world’s great specialists the substance – miracle. We could prevent any mutation. We could get people out of the grave from the last stage of illness. It could be done if it was a threat. But there is no threat, they are simply making fun of us, there are other interests. I can suspect that the interest is to conclude that clinical study at the level of our country regarding these vaccines “, said Adina Alberts on RomâniaTv.

Beatrice Mahler: Romania has entered wave 3. I am worried about the situation

Lately, more and more specialists say that Romania has entered the third wave 3. Among them is Beatrice Mahler, the manager of the Marius Nasta Institute in the Capital.

“The ATI section is completely full, including the mobile unit. There are a few vacancies in the ward, there the flow of hospitalizations – discharges allows us to make discharges and stay during the day with a few places, but the last four days has meant an increase in the number of patients and that worries me. And with the British strain we have in circulation, it is not at all difficult to have an increase in the number of cases because it is extremely contagious.

How things evolved in Marius Nasta is a personal opinion, I think we have entered wave 3 and the evolution can only be worrying.

If the number of hospitalizations will remain the same, and it depends on each of us how we will follow the rules and how we will understand that together we can overcome those moments we are all afraid of, namely exceeding the capacity of Covid patient care hospitals, “said Beatrice Mahler.

The medical director of “Matei Balş”: “We are afraid that it could be worse than wave 2”

The medical director of the Matei Balş Institute in the Capital, Cătălin Apostolescu, launched an alarm signal related to the 3rd wave of the coronavirus pandemic. “It will not bypass Romania and our fear is that it will be worse,” he said.

“I’m afraid it could be worse,” the doctor confesses. “Ten, come on, if we are optimistic, 15 percent of the population has gone through COVID infection, so this shows us that we still have the majority of the population that has not gone through COVID. We are afraid that the third wave will be worse than the second, in the sense that there will be many more patients. (Reporter: Even worse?) We don’t know yet how it will evolve from a clinical point of view, but I ask you: between 1,000 patients with 3 percent mortality and 3,000 patients with 2 percent mortality, how is it better? ” – draws the attention of the medical director of “Matei Balş”.

New mutations will appear and we will have to live with COVID for many years to come, he added. the principal.

“Besides those strains, there will be others,” he added. “We can look at history, we can look at mathematical models. It is clear that this virus will remain among us for a very long time, 10 years, 20 years, 30 years “, says the doctor.

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