“We are not making a profit” on the AstraZeneca vaccine, assures Olivier Nataf

The AstraZeneca vaccine is the latest to have been authorized in France. About it, it is sometimes said that it was “badly born”: lack of data on its effectiveness on the over 65s, dosing errors during tests … Olivier Nataf, President AstraZeneca France, however defends the formula put developed by his laboratory.

“We know we have a safe vaccine”, he argues. Indeed, for the time being, no serious adverse effects have been identified. For the president of AstraZeneca France, it would be a question above all of a “effective vaccine” in the face of the most serious forms of Covid-19, hospitalizations and deaths. “It is a vaccine which will be useful because its use is simple”, adds Olivier Nataf.

AstraZeneca vaccine would also be sold cheaper than the others. While Moderna and its new technologyMessenger RNA would sell for around 18 euros per dose, that of AstraZeneca would cost 1.78 euros, according to Belgian government sources. “We are not making a profit on this vaccine, we are selling it at the price it costs us to manufacture and develop it during the pandemic”, assures Olivier Nataf.

For optimum efficiency, both injections must be spaced 3 months apart. To know the effectiveness of the vaccine on over 65, a study is underway in the United States, and should return its results “in the coming weeks”, according to the president of AstraZeneca. As to its effect on variants, Olivier Nataf maintains that for the time being, studies have shown that he had “no good results against mild forms” of the disease after mutation, but that it could remain useful in the face of severe forms.

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