“We are not necessarily expected on this course”: why Lidl is betting on golf

After the Mr Cuisine food processor or its cheap sneakers that are snapping up, will Lidl manage to achieve the same success with golf? From this Thursday and in 250 out of 1,600 stores in France (the items will be available from this Thursday, July 22 in certain stores in the Paris region, in the South-West and in the region of Lyon (Rhône), Grenoble (Isère) and Annecy, in Haute-Savoie), customers will be able to buy all the equipment necessary for this practice, with the exception of clubs …

Textile items (shorts, T-shirts, belt) but also shoes, trolley to transport his clubs and balls, the enthusiast of this discipline will be able to equip himself from head to toe An astonishing choice knowing that this sport “is seen, wrongly , as reserved for an elite ”, according to Michel Biero, executive director of Lidl France. The manager is at the origin of this real bet. “It’s a test,” he admits. We are not necessarily expected on this land like when we sold pianos for example. But I invite you to contact me again in a month to learn the lessons. If it does not succeed, we will have no problem recognizing our mistake. “

As usual, the brand born in Germany relies on product quality and low prices. The cart and its bag – two of the most expensive pieces of equipment – will retail for 89.99 and 119 euros, respectively. Very reasonable prices compared to those charged in specialized golf shops. The pair of shoes for men or women costs 22 euros. The design was carried out by Lidl teams across the Rhine and all validated by a professional golfer. “I will let the golf experts give us feedback on the quality of our products,” says Michel Biero.

This is not the first time that Lidl has ventured into the field of sport to democratize the practice. After temporary sales dedicated to cycling, the brand was distinguished by competitive prices on textiles dedicated to winter sports. By embarking on golf, a federation with 418,741 licensees (2019 figure), which makes it the 7th sport practiced in France, the chain of stores is also targeting the 200,000 additional people who roam the greens of compact urban golf courses outside of France. federal fold and have not purchased a license. For these new practitioners, the material is important but not necessarily to the point of breaking the bank to equip themselves with reference brands.

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