We are not prevented from selling the vaccine against covid-19

The president explained that there is a contract for 35 million doses with the pharmaceutical company CanSino, of which 2 million will arrive in January, 3 million in February and 3 million in March.


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that the private initiative will be able to buy the vaccine against covid-19.

Through his social networks, he shared a video in which he highlighted the government strategy to guarantee universal vaccination.

However, he stressed that this does not mean that there is an impediment for individuals to acquire it.

“It has been said that why it is not allowed to be sold in pharmacies. Of course, if there are companies that want to buy the vaccine abroad, we have no impediment to sell the vaccine, to buy it abroad.

“What we are doing is buying all the vaccine that is needed to guarantee that no one is missing and that it is free,” he said.

The head of the federal Executive insisted that the main thing is to ensure that the vaccine reaches all vaccination and not only those who have the resources to acquire it.

“Not because I have money I’m going to get vaccinated first or I’m a politician or I’m influential and I get vaccinated first, no, not like that, that’s not the thing, it’s for everyone,” he said.

“The only thing that will be taken care of is that there is no influentialism and that the program is respected, first the doctors from covid hospitals, secondly, the elderly,” he stressed.

He specified that up to 750,000 health workers will be vaccinated in the first phase of the plan, from January to March 2021, according to the agreement with Pfizer.

He indicated that CanSino, a Chinese laboratory, will deliver two million doses in mid-January, another three million in February, and so on until 35 million vaccines have been contracted.

He explained that after vaccinating medical personnel, it will start with those over 90 to 100 years old or more, who will be able to receive the biological at home, while those from 65 to 90 will be vaccinated with the same mechanism to deliver pensions, that is , in brigades in the towns.

Then the chronically ill with hypertension, diabetes, obesity, those under 60 years of age, and so progressively “to all the people.”



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