Within the framework of the discussion that is taking place in Congress, for the new Pension Reform, a group of parliamentarians, including deputy Felipe Camaño, presented an indication of the executive’s proposal, which within the points It includes eliminating the mortality table, which governs the country’s current pension system.

In relation to the above, the deputy commented: “today we are proposing three fundamental pillars for this new pension reform; First we seek to end the mortality table up to 110 years of age and set a limit of 85 years, which will automatically allow pensions to be increased by 17%. Secondly, that longevity insurance be established, to ensure that pensioners who exceed the maximum age can ensure their pensions until the last years of their lives. And, that 6% of the contribution goes directly to people who are close to retiring.”

In Camaño’s opinion, as parliamentarians, they seek to improve the pensions of Chileans, and he hopes that the Government of Chile will accept the proposed pillars, “because the mortality table currently used is laughable.”