We are the only force that supported Kirchnerism

2023-09-14 23:08:00

Before undertake the “Let’s go through Argentina” tour, Patricia Bullrich He presented his book “From one day to the next” at the UBA. The novelty of the presentation was in the first row of the university auditorium, where Mauricio Macri occupied the seat next to Bullrich (before being invited to go on stage) and the radical and co-founder of Cambiemos, Ernesto Sanz.

The former president and leader of the PRO has just ratified his support for the presidential candidate of Together for Change: “I am at the service of the candidate, I already told her,” Macri offered.

Bullrich was presented as “the future president of Argentina.” “Here comes the sun” by The Beatles began to play as a musical curtain. The presidential candidate was interviewed by her running mate, Luis Petri, and by lawyer Silvina Martínez. “Measures to really change in the first 24 hours of government” is the full title of the book.

“This book is the story of Argentines who, faced with each of the difficulties, continue fighting, survive and do not give up. We say that we are going to overcome those stones and obstacles so that you can walk through life with more happiness,” Bullrich introduced.

“We want to turn around a State that complicates people’s lives,” said the candidate and promised “a reform of the State” and to end “the 3 thousand laws that contaminate the lives of Argentines.”

“Power leaves the State and returns to the citizen in the first 24 hours,” he predicted. He also promised to modify the Penal Code. “Legal changes are coming,” he promised.

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“Are you aware that the Argentina we are going to receive is chaos?” Petri commented. “Yes, that’s why we want an orderly country. It took me 45 minutes to get there and it was 20 blocks away. Getting out of the chaos is getting out of the pickets, from the unions that threaten you, from an inflation that kills you, it is getting out of a minister like Massa who invents cheap plans that destroy the lives of Argentines,” Bullrich responded.

The candidate said that her economic proposal “is a balanced plan, as Melco says,” alluding to her eventual Minister of Economy, Carlos Melconián.

“Are you going to end the pickets?” Petri asked him. “Obviously yes,” was the response. “No police or gendarme needs an order to picket, we are going to support the security forces with laws,” he announced.

Elections 2023: Myriam Bregman, Sergio Massa, Patricia Bullrich, Juan Schiaretti and Javier Milei

In addition to Macri and Sanz, Jorge Macri, Miguel Angel Pichetto, Diego Santilli, Fernando Iglesias, Maximiliano Ferraro, Cristian Ritondo, Rodrigo de Loredo and Carolina Losada, among other national leaders of JPC, also accompanied.

Bullrich promised a government of “absolute austerity, example is the most important thing.” Among the proposals, he included “an educational pact for 14 years with the governors”, a period that covers the entire school year. “In 14 years the wheel works and it doesn’t stop,” he said.

Petri said that Bullrich “is recognized for his bravery to confront Moyano, to not throw gendarmes out the window, to go out and fight the drug traffickers.”

bullrich mercy

He asked him how he imagined December 10: “as the first of 1,460 days with a challenge: to eradicate what Kirchnerism has meant in Argentina. Lack of culture, the destruction of values ​​and work culture, the destruction of a middle class society.”

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Towards the end he focused his criticism on Kirchnerism. “They don’t run us anymore,” she harangued.

“We have always opposed Kirchnerism and all mafias. We were the ones who stopped the attacks of justice and defended the prosecutor Nisman who was murdered. We defended the companies and were there when the countryside needed us,” Bullrich listed.

Patricia Bullrich and her Selection of New Leaders

To differentiate himself from Javier Milei and La Libertad Avanza, Bullrich stated: “We are the only force that supported Kirchnerism; We are the only real opposition in the country and the only alternative to Kirchnerism; This is Together for Change. It is now and it is forever,” the talk concluded.

The candidate was invited to improvise a final speech, with the entire audience standing. She once again attacked Kirchnerism. Together for Change evaluates that Unión por la Patria is the rival to beat to reach the second round.

“We are together facing this final battle. Together for Change swept them in San Luis with Poggi; Nacho (Torres) from Chubut ran them and Orrego ran them from San Juan just like Pullaro from Santa Fe. Next Sunday we are going to liberate the Chaco and we are not going to leave it the lair of the province of Buenos Aires,” the candidate predicted.

Bullrich will begin this Friday the tour called “Let’s go through Argentina”, which includes a plotted combi.We start from Palomar Airport, then Cañuelas, Ezeiza, Bolívar, and Olavarría until Saturday noon and from there we go to Bahía Blanca,” a leader of the Bullrich campaign command told that newspaper. From Bahía Blanca the plan includes traveling to Corrientes and being in Chaco on Sunday, where JPC hopes to beat Jorge Capitanich.

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