“We are very close to a tsunami” in Wallonia and Brussels alerts Frank Vandenbroucke

The “tsunami”, according to him, would be the situation in which “we no longer control what is happening”. And we are getting dangerously close in the capital and in the south of the country, according to the socialist. “If it continues to increase, the number of hospitalizations will be such that we will postpone more and more ‘non-Covid’ care”, he worries. He notes that “the health situation in Wallonia and Brussels is the worst and therefore the most dangerous in all of Europe“.

“The incidence of contamination by the virus was there, last Tuesday, 50% higher than for example in Île de France”, supports the minister.

Despite everything, the new Minister of Public Health defends the rules defined on Friday in the Concertation Committee, which are considered insufficiently strict by some. Why not have introduced a more restrictive curfew, as for example in the big French cities (9:00 p.m.)? Why not impose the mask everywhere? “We have defined a minimum common base,” insists the minister in response. And this “minimal” base can and should be supplemented by more local measures where necessary, he explains. Finally, “the main thing is the behavior of people”, he recalls.

Nevertheless, new advances should materialize in the future, for example at the level of “testing”. A “new strategy” in this area is being developed, says Frank Vandenbroucke, “who will combine PCR tests, rapid tests, saliva tests, etc.”. This therefore opens the door to a future reimbursement of a rapid test, for example, for certain categories of the population.

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