“We call each other”: more than 3000 registrations in 24 hours

The movement “We call ourselves”, launched by TVA on Tuesday, is already having great success: in 24 hours, more than 3,000 people have registered someone they know so that they can receive a call from a figure at Groupe TVA during the holidays.

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“We are very happy to see the enthusiasm for this initiative and the great, great generosity of the personalities,” said Véronique Mercier, vice-president of communications at Groupe TVA. The main objective was to educate the population not to leave anyone alone during the holidays. A concrete gesture like a call can make a big difference. ”

With the “We call ourselves” initiative, TVA wishes to create a chain of kindness and comfort towards people who feel alone and isolated during this festive period of the year, but heavier than usual due to of the pandemic.

The sixty or so participating headliners from TVA, TVA Nouvelles, LCN, TVA Sports, TVA Publications and TVA Group’s specialty channels are committed to placing about ten calls each in the run-up to Christmas, for a grand total of more than 600 telephones, but obviously will not be able to contact 50,000 people.

“The calls will not only be a ‘cuckoo, merry Christmas!’, Promises Véronique Mercier. Each personality will take the time to speak to the person who will have been identified by a loved one who wants to be called, between December 20 and 24. “

This is why the entities of Groupe TVA want to encourage all citizens to offer a little time to members of their entourage whom they know alone on these days of special celebrations, to share free happiness in the form of a simple conversation. beneficent. It is hoped that this happy phone game will spread to all regions.

It was the journalist Paul Larocque who was the first to raise the idea of ​​these friendship calls, a proposal that immediately thrilled the TVA Group, which chose to go ahead with the project when the Prime Minister François Legault announced restrictions on Christmas gatherings last Thursday.

As soon as they were invited to participate, some forty stars expressed their interest in volunteering, in just 48 hours, said Véronique Mercier.

“The reaction of personalities was instantaneous,” said the latter. At TVA, we have always said to ourselves that we have the role of bringing together and supporting people in times like these, creating an impact in the community and making a difference for people, around common causes. Everyone wanted to give of their time. ”

“By launching ‘We call ourselves’, TVA wants to create a unifying movement that will serve to spread happiness during this holiday season. Making an appeal is a concrete gesture that only takes a few minutes and TVA is resolutely committed to deploying its resources to create a real movement of solidarity and empathy throughout Quebec. The mobilization of some fifty personalities from TVA was also instantaneous and we hope that it will inspire several others. Also, all TVA Group employees are called upon to participate in this mobilizing project, ”said France Lauzière, President and CEO of TVA Group, in a press release, who also warmly thanked everyone and those who will contribute to this movement of solidarity.

We can register our relatives who would like to receive a call from a VAT personality by visiting the onsappelle.ca until December 18.

Among the personalities who have already agreed to communicate voluntarily with members of the public who have been registered and selected, we find in particular the teams of “Salut Bonjour”, namely Gino Chouinard and Eve-Marie Lortie, Georges Pothier, Sabrina Cournoyer, Annie- Soleil Proteau, Charles-Antoine Sinotte, Alexandre Dubé, Patrick Benoit and Jean-Michel Anctil.

At TVA and TVA Publications, Patrick Huard, Charles Lafortune, Marie-Claude Barrette, Julie Bélanger, José Gaudet, Jean-Philippe Dion, Marc Dupré, Patrice Michaud, Marie-Ève ​​Janvier, Patrice Bélanger, Dominic Arpin, Sébastien Benoît, Julie Houle , Jean-Marc Généreux, Stéphane Fallu, Saskia Thuot, Anick Lemay, Francisco Randez, Josée Lavigueur, Nathalie Simard and Guillaume Lambert will take part in the movement.

On the TVA Nouvelles side, Pierre Bruneau, Sophie Thibault, Paul Larocque, Mario Dumont, Denis Lévesque, Julie Marcoux, Michel Jean, Jean-François Guérin, Cindy Royer, Pierre Jobin (head of antenna in Quebec), Anne Préfontaine (chief antenna in Sherbrooke), Catherine Pellerin and Cindy Simard (antenna manager in Rivière-du-Loup), Marie-Claude Paradis-Desfossés (antenna manager in Trois-Rivières), Pierre Donais (antenna manager in Gatineau) and Katia Laflamme, Martin Blanchet (TVA East Quebec antenna manager) will be there.

For TVA Sports, Dave Morissette, Jean-Charles Lajoie, Louis Jean, Félix Séguin, Michel Bergeron, Rodger Brulotte, Kevin Raphael, Denis Casavant, Frédéric Lord as well as Vincent Destouches are also involved in this initiative.


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