“We can expect a wave of covid infections between mid-October and mid-November”

The campaign for the 4th dose of the coronavirus vaccine officially started on Monday. A campaign that mainly targets the elderly and immunocompromised as well as health professionals who are between 50 and 65 years old.

With the end of summer looming and temperatures set to begin to drop, experts are predicting a strong return of covid in the near future. Guest on the RTBF set in the QR program, Jean-Michel Dogné, director of the pharmacy department of UNamur, believes that it is appropriate to vaccinate when the epidemiological situation is good to anticipate the risks of infection and disease. ‘hospitalization. “Mathematical models predict us a wave between mid-October and mid-November. You have to prepare for it, that’s the whole point of vaccination.”

The director of the pharmacy department of UNamur also explains that no new vaccines are needed for this 4th dose because those which are administered as a booster are already versions adapted to the current variants. “The vaccines are bivalent and they act against Omicron and a variant of Omicron. These are different vaccines than the initial vaccines”, emphasizes Jean-Michel Dogné.

Monday evening, on the set of the show De tafel sur Vier; Steven Van Gucht also defended this new vaccination campaign. Without it, “the corona could again send many people to the hospital this fall and this winter” estimates the expert.

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