News We can forget your DNA in immigration policy

We can forget your DNA in immigration policy


«The #Happy Kings would be happier if the CIES (Foreigners Internment Centers)
 and there was no infamous Melilla fence ». It was January 2015, Podemos was projected to the sky of politics after having achieved a few months before five seats in Brussels, and its shining leader in Andalusia, Teresa Rodríguez, spread on twitter against key pieces of the migration management system. Match script

The formation of Pablo Iglesias, and then also of Íñigo Errejón, Carolina Bescansa and Juan Carlos Monedero, of the Circles and the “caste” war, had attended the European elections with a program, which was also the generals of 2015-, in which section 4 dedicated to «Recover fraternity. Building democracy »literally contained its commitment to« Elimination of anti-person border fences and SIVE ». The SIVE is the radar system that detects the boats in the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands for their rescue. It also provided for a massive regularization of immigrants with «guarantee of full rights», «without distinction of nationality, ethnicity or religion, with or« without papers ».

Strasbourg Crisis
A Podemos with this DNA, although already purged, washed and ironed ideologically so as not to clash in La Moncloa, has just had its first coalition crisis precisely on account of the migration issue, and in particular given the conformity that those of Pedro Sánchez are showing with the ruling of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) that has declared legal the rejections on the border of immigrants, the same ones that the PSOE promised to suppress while it was in the opposition and has practiced at discretion once in the Government.

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Although the occurrence of eliminating the fences was loosened in the successive programs and gave way to the proposal to withdraw the concertinas – “We will guarantee absolute respect for human rights on the southern border”, it is stated in the contract offered to citizens in 2019-, what does appear explicitly since 2016 in all electoral documents is the vocation to end the express deliveries of immigrants. The rhetorical formulation is changing, apparently from greater to lesser intensity: “We will put an immediate end to this practice,” is the expression of 2015; “We will guarantee its cessation”, that of 2016; “We will ensure that there is no hot return,” what was chosen for the double call of generals last year.

It should not be forgotten that Podemos is institutionally United Podemos, which includes IU, to whom they have delegated the Office of the Interior Speaker within the Congress. His pronouncement on the Strasbourg resolution, communicated in writing the same day, is a warning: “We will continue to demand a commitment to end this practice at our borders.” But first they demand “that measures be taken to repeal” that figure and “take it out” of the “gag law” -of Citizen Security 4 / 2015- “once and for all”, “outside the ECHR and pending the judgment of the Court Constitutional », which studies a resource on much of the aforementioned regulations five years ago. .


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