We can intensify its offensive against journalists with its fake news website

We can intensify its offensive against journalists with its fake news website

Pablo Iglesias talks with Pablo Echenique after a control session, last October.

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Pablo Iglesias talks with Pablo Echenique after a control session, last October.

We can has decided to intensify its offensive against the critical press and has launched a smear campaign based on false or misrepresented information and insults against a dozen prominent professionals from different print, radio and audiovisual media. The common denominator of all of them is that at some point they have reported or expressed their opinion against the positions of the party they lead Pablo Iglesias. The formation has deployed an attack strategy on three levels, media, judicial and political, with the aim of intimidating a large black list of journalists and silencing any critical voice against the formation. addressIn the first of the plans, the offensive gravitates around a web created to this by the party under the name of The last hour. This page, whose creation was sponsored last spring by Iglesias himself, is directed by Dina Bousselham, former personal assistant to the party leader in the European Parliament, former prominent member of the formation and main protagonist of one of the pieces of the Villarejo case. Against her and against Iglesias the judge Manuel Garcia Castellon raised a rationale before him Supreme court for various crimes. He accuses them of having simulated the theft of Dina’s phone by the “state sewers” in collaboration with a group of journalists to obtain an electoral result in the 2019 elections. The magistrate must continue investigating this matter after order him the High Court to exhaust the investigations by taking a statement from Dina herself. Iglesias said when promoting the web that “it is essential that there are media like this, that they tell what others do not dare to tell and that they do not depend on the advertising of banks and companies, but only on their partners, because we and we we know very well that who pays rules. ”The birth of this website, for which Iglesias openly asked for money from those registered in Podemos, provoked the immediate reaction of former party leaders, such as Ramon Espinar, which warned of what was coming: «Using intoxication websites from parties in the Government is not only an aberrant practice on the right. The (constitutional) role of the media is much more serious than that. What a shame it is all. Dina, for her part, revealed her declaration of intent and said that they were preparing to “look at the media sewer from you to you.” Other leaders such as the spokesperson for training in the Congress, Pablo Echenique, they also warned that the new “medium” was going to be “feared by the gangsters of the sewers and their media arms fake». The party soon materialized its threats. Under the name of “communication medium”, The last hour began to publish false news against journalists whom it blames, as the minister said Irene Montero this week, of “spreading hoaxes and false news, trying to attack Pablo Iglesias and other political leaders with the intention of subverting democracy.” His main targets were journalists who reported on his scandals. And against them they pour the most serious accusations.

The list of objectives continues to grow: Urreiztieta, Griso, Olmo, Vallés, Inda …

The chosen formula is always the same. Texts that are not accompanied by the signature of any journalist and that are not accompanied by the minimum required journalistic diligence. None of the publications previously collected the version of those affected. As an example, one of his first reports was directed against the deputy editor of this newspaper, Esteban Urreiztieta, author of numerous information on the Podemos accounts and the revelations that dismantled the Dina case. The website published that he had been charged with trying to harm Podemos with false information. That summons never existed; Iglesias had expressly requested his summons as investigated before the judge along with two other journalists, arguing that he had published information about the so-called Pisa report prepared by Policeman about Iglesias. In the opinion of the leader of Podemos, he was part of a conspiracy to try to prevent him from coming to power, Iglesias based his request on a news item that appeared on March 14, 2016 in this newspaper that echoed that report. However, that information was neither prepared by Urreiztieta nor could it have been, because at that time he was working in another medium, specifically in The Spanish. In addition, neither the journalist nor this medium have ever published any information with material from the phone of his former adviser, despite what has been repeatedly sustained by Iglesias. The judge ruled out the informant’s summons, underlining “the false nature” of Iglesias’s arguments. The attacks against journalists through this website have been accompanied by a public statement by Iglesias himself, who came to use the subsequent press conference to the Minister council in The Moncloa last July to designate certain professionals. Irene Montero has replicated the same strategy in her speeches. The vice president put on the table the name of the presenter of Antenna 3 Vicente Valles, which he publicly called a “sewer” under the argument that “we are all subjected to criticism and insult.” A Vallés, whom Podemos has made one of its main targets to beat, Dina’s website accuses him of “lying live”, “manipulating” or “hiding less and less his anger” against training, and qualifies it as “Hero of the ultra-right”. Despite the repeated accusations by Podemos against the media that they have published false information, no court has agreed with them so far. In the case of THE WORLDhave never called for any rectification through the courts. We can also point out among their main enemies the director of Daily, Eduardo Inda, a medium that has published numerous exclusives about Podemos and that uncovered, for example, the house purchase of Galapagar by Iglesias and Montero. However, the offensive has been extended to other journalism professionals and the virulence of the attacks always follows the publication of certain information that affects the party. Thus, Podemos has set its target on The confidential and especially to your Head of Research, Jose Maria Olmo, author of numerous reports on the ongoing judicial process regarding the alleged irregular financing of Podemos. Also his are others on the internal chats of the party’s legal team, in which the lawyers of the formation recounted their meetings with the prosecutors of the Villarejo case and they revealed that they had a joint strategy to try to attack certain journalists and media.

Attacks always occur after negative news from Podemos is published

In fact, these messages revealed the intention of Podemos to cause an entry and registration by the Prosecutor’s office in Daily, rejected outright by the judge, to try to find out the source that provided them with the famous messages from Iglesias in which he assured that Would whip to the television presenter Mariló Montero. The chats revealed by The confidential they also documented the continuous leakage of secret information to the training lawyers address or the alleged intimate relationship between one of the prosecutors and the party’s lawyer, an extreme that the representative of the Public ministry, what was removed from the cause.In the so-called media sewer the Podemos website also includes television stars such as the director of The sixth, Antonio Garcia Ferreras, with whom he resorts directly to the insult and does not hesitate to qualify as a “tyrant” or “captain of the yellow press”, and who they intend to enclave in the criminal network of Commissioner Villarejo under the sole argument that he met with him. It has also included the director of The objective from La Sexta, Ana Pastor, among the targets of their attacks, most recently against the director of The reason, Francisco Marhuenda, who have tried to smear him for his work as a university professor using anonymous testimonies and launching accusations without proof. They have also set their sights on the deputy editor of this newspaper Joaquin Manso and the journalist of the Ser string Ana TerradillosOn their black list they also pin Susanna Griso already Ana Rosa Quintana, even ensuring that their programs are “at the service of the media strategy of the commissioner of the sewers.” The ammunition against both are reports from the Internal Affairs of the Police that have been rejected by the judge and the Provincial Court of Madrid.The radio is not exempt from the Podemos attacks. The last hour has attacked the collaborator of Onda Cero Chapu Apaolaza, whom he accuses of “whitewashing the Crown scandals,” or against Carlos Herrera, which he says “encourages protests against the vice president’s house.”

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