“We cannot allow the future of young people to be obscured by the consequences of the health crisis”

Tribune. In order to come to the aid of European youth stricken by the pandemic, let us ensure that national and European recovery plans benefit above all future generations. Youth is the hope of a better tomorrow. This is why it is essential to give priority to thinking about the fate of future generations of European citizens, particularly affected by the consequences of health restrictions. They suffer the full brunt of economic insecurity, isolation and a series of academic, emotional and psychological breakdowns.

Last October, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) warned that this generation was at risk of being left by the wayside. The doors to the labor market are closing, the risk of poverty for 15-29 year olds is 4 points higher than the population average, the school dropout rate reached 10%. Young people who are unable to enter the labor market lose their skills first, then their motivation and finally their faith – in themselves and often in this system, which no longer seems to give them any chance. . If we want to build a fairer, more innovative and greener Europe, we must refuse to fuel such a vicious circle.

The importance of the recovery plan

In the fog still making it uncertain how to end the health crisis, the European ship could capsize in the storm or arrive, not without difficulty, safely. The European Union (EU) has undoubtedly reacted with force and availability by proposing several response measures from the start of the health crisis. This is particularly the case with the SURE instrument of 87 billion euros intended to protect jobs and employees affected by Covid-19, or even the 22 billion euros invested in youth employment. But, above all, it is the recovery plan for Europe (Next Generation EU) of 750 billion euros which is the heart of the Union’s response. If it does not yet constitute the “Hamiltonian moment” of Europe, that is to say a founding moment of a true federation as was the case for the United States at the end of the 18th century.e century, this plan embodies the resolute will of the European Union to find a lasting solution to such a violent shock.

“We must take advantage of this historic break to make a new start and build, with the help of young people, a more modern and resilient Europe”

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