“We cleaned the chairs, and it turned out that…”

Herman had ordered garden chairs from Vijver-en Tuincentrum Pelckmans, a garden center store in Lommel. After a waiting period of several months, the Belgian finally received his furniture. But when he examined the items more closely, he noticed damage. “At home, we cleaned the chairs. It turned out that there were traces of wear on the armrests, ”explains Herman to our colleagues from HBvL. After reporting the issue the same day, the store refused to take any responsibility.

For Erik, same problem. “We bought garden chairs for 165 euros each,” he says. Upon unpacking, two of the chairs had broken armrests. After sending photos to the store, the answer is the same: no exchange possible if the damage was not noticed at the store.

When you leave a store with a product, you accept the condition it is in. It is therefore always better to check, at the risk of finding yourself in the case of Herman and Erik, who are therefore not entitled to new chairs or compensation.

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