We collaborated on 5 songs. By chance, Muhammed Fawzi collected “Salah al-Yuzbashi” by Salah F.

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Sunday 05 April 2020

I wrote – Mona Al-Muji:

5 Songs collected by the late poet Salah Fayez with “Al Ostoura”, “Al Ustaz”, the musician who preceded his era, and held the title “Number One” in many artistic matters, because he sought to be a maker and influencer in the artistic field, not only just a performer, singer or actor, The late artist Mohamed Fawzi.

Fayez entered the field of the song through the Fawzi Gate, in 1960 after he presented him with the words “After Our House in Beit Violin”, then the cooperation continued between them to produce a song composed by Fawzi by the artist in the same year entitled “Between Me and You Tar”, and in 1961, Fawzi Fawzy, who did not It would be that Farah would not be free of it, “O sons of our country, on Thursday,” and the last meeting in 1964 was with my song “I thought I met him” and “I might say.”

The first meeting came about the way of chance, as Fayez told – before his departure – to “Masrawy”, and after Fayez reached the rank of “captain – Yuzbashi”, in front of the Belmont building in Garden City, where the tank battalion in which he was camped, was Fawzi, accompanied by violinist Anwar Mansi, on their way to the studio, Fayez went and introduced him to himself and his talent, so Fawzi asked him to wait for him until he returned from the studio to have lunch together, then he could hear some of his poems.

Three hours later, Fawzi returned, and went up to his apartment in the 26th floor, and as soon as they entered, he asked him to change his clothes, and he went out instead of the suit, bringing my country and “language”, to break the psychological barrier between the big star and the unknown man, and they ate lunch, and the moment I waited for comes, he throws He has some of his poems, so Fawzi tells him, “You are preaching the birth of a new star in writing the song in a new style.” To be sung by his sister, artist Hoda Sultan, which Fayez rejected because the lyrics of the song are not appropriate for a woman to say to Gel.

Fayez considers that Fawzi is the owner of the credit for his entry into the artistic community, and after it became popular “after our home in a violin house”, everyone wondered who is this right ?, and who is this Fayez ?.

Salah Fayez left our world after passing through a health problem, yesterday evening Saturday, April 4, at the age of 86.



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