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Our expert has chosen the Voyor BR410 as the best pore cleaner of the four models analyzed for its high performance, effectiveness of the heads and balance of benefits.

Caring for the face involves different rituals so that the complexion appears luminous and smooth. Thus, one of the beauty products that many users use are facial cleansers that use different technologies.

However, there are other alternatives such as pore cleansers, a product that is especially good for revitalizing the skin of the face and eliminating blackheads and other small imperfections.

What models have we chosen?

We have gathered four proposals in this comparison, all of them priced below 25 euros. They are as follows: Ocean Heart X5M (7,75), Turata TATMH103G28-LENT-ES Blackhead Remove (8,5), Voyor BR410-3 (8.75) and Xpreen XPRE111W (8).

Among the criteria that have been assessed, the following stand out:

– Design: Ease of use and ergonomics are important characteristics, especially when it comes to being able to move comfortably across any part of the face.

– Heads: not all pore cleaners have the same number of heads. How are these heads? Do they provide good quality and are they effective?

– Selectable levels: They are associated with the degree of power or force exerted by the cleanser, in order to adapt to different types of skin.

– Skin care: This criterion has allowed us to verify the results offered by each proposal applied to the skin, and how effective the cleaning and elimination of impurities is.

This is how we have tested them

It is important to clarify that before using any of these four pore cleaners (or another brand), follow the instructions and recommendations suggested by the manufacturers, such as the estimated number of sessions per week. In this case, I have used them every other day for a month and a half. Before using them, make sure that the pores of the skin are as open as possible to facilitate the cleaning process. It is also important to ‘get the hang of it’ when applying this type of device to the face, because if we apply it to an area for longer than necessary it is likely that small redness will appear that takes a few hours to disappear. Each session lasted five minutes and at the end I applied the moisturizer that I usually use to calm my face. Another recommendation that must be taken into account is that it is necessary to be constant in the use of these products.

Any of these four pore cleaners is a valid option for the removal of blackheads and pimples. However, the device Voyor BR410-3 has achieved the best score, closely followed by his opponents. In our opinion, it is the one that offers the best results and includes six heads.

Voyor BR410-3: our choice

We compare and choose the best pore cleanser for less than 25 euros

Comfortable and manageable. This is this Vogor pore cleaner, a device with a design similar to the rest of the proposals. It also shares with them a light weight and a battery that is recharged via USB. At the bottom it incorporates a charge indicator light that allows you to consult a process that takes approximately two and a half hours. It is not the only indicator light, because above the power button we find three more. Each of them corresponds to a degree of suction (low, medium and high) to adapt to different types of skin.


– Force levels: 3.

– Number of heads: 6. A large circular hole for strong suction, a small circular hole for gentle suction, a microcrystalline hole that acts as an exfoliant, an oval hole that softens fine lines, a hole made of silicone for sensitive areas (soft suction) and a hole for hard to reach areas (very strong suction).

– Others: on / off button, charge indicator light and indicator light that informs about the selected power level.

It includes six heads to further personalize our experience. The one made of silicone promises gentle suction on sensitive areas of the face, while with the large circular hole you experience strong suction power. For its part, the head with a small circular hole is also for gentle suction and the one with a curved hole is recommended for hard-to-reach areas by applying a powerful degree of suction. Also, there is a specific one to exfoliate dead skin (it achieved much better results than expected) and another to apply to fine lines and wrinkles. Along with the exfoliation head, we especially tested those that integrated the large, curved circular hole. We did this by selecting a medium power (although we previously tried the lowest and then increased) and the results were especially evident in the nose and chin area.

– The best: head performance and effectiveness

– Worst: one more power level is missing.

– Conclusions: Although between the medium and high degree of suction it would have been good to include a higher level of power, it is a product that balances all its features very well. In addition, its six heads make it a versatile product and the response of all of them perfectly meets our needs.

Voyor sucker

Register more than 10,000 reviews on Amazon. This user, for example, he describes it like this: “I was surprised how it sucks the skin, it is very well equipped with different nozzles depending on your skin and cleaning that you want”. 45% discount, save 18 euros.

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Turata TATMH103G28-LENT-ES Blackhead Remove: la alternativa

We compare and choose the best pore cleanser for less than 25 euros

We compare and choose the best pore cleanser for less than 25 euros

Although all the selected pore cleansers have an eye-catching design, we particularly liked this model. It feels super comfortable when you wear it and the feeling is pleasant to the touch. On the other hand, it shares with the Xpreen XPRE111W device an LED backlit screen that allows you to check the status of the battery, the minutes you have been using it and the suction level chosen.

Along with the Ocean Heart cleaner it provides up to five levels of suction to choose from. During our tests, we started at the lowest level and managed to reach the third level, because from the fourth level the degree of suction it exerted on impurities (for example, blackheads and small pimples) became a bit painful. The application of the Turata model on the face is identical to that of the rest of the proposals; therefore it is not advisable to put it on an area for more than two or three seconds. Otherwise, small marks will appear that will disappear after a few hours.

To avoid them, make proper use of the five heads included in your box. The small circular, for sensitive skin, was good for me. In contrast, the suction level of the large circular head was less comfortable than expected. For its part, the oval head is quite effective on the nostrils.

Xpreen XPRE111W

We compare and choose the best pore cleanser for less than 25 euros

We compare and choose the best pore cleanser for less than 25 euros

Its design is ergonomic, allowing it to be worn comfortably all over the face, and the quality of its materials leaves a good impression. With a microUSB connection located on the back to recharge the integrated battery, on the front there is the power button and a small LED screen that shows the speed chosen to clean the pores. You can choose between three options: smooth, normal or strong speed. In my case, I have combination skin, I chose the first one because the other two were a bit painful.

It offers high suction power (the air pump it uses is certified medical grade) and is effective in cleaning pores and blackheads. Of course, to use it, it is advisable to apply small movements and progress little by little across the face, never stop for more than two or three seconds to avoid redness. Still, some appeared that were removed after a few hours. The dirt that the cleaner extracts is deposited on a small cotton that is covered by one of the chosen nozzles. Simply remove it to clean it. In the box come several replacement cottons and four nozzles: one works as an exfoliator and the rest can be combined to work on one or another area of ​​the face. The one with an oval shape is for the nose, the small round one for the cheekbones and the large round one for the so-called ‘T zone’.

Ocean Heart X5M: best value for money

We compare and choose the best pore cleanser for less than 25 euros

We compare and choose the best pore cleanser for less than 25 euros

Of the four models, it is the one that emits the lowest noise level when you put it into operation. Its degree of effectiveness when treating the face and eliminating blackheads, pimples, as well as cleaning pores, is one of the ones that we liked the most. It achieves this thanks to the technology that its signature has incorporated. It is an air pump that creates a centrifugal force that exerts the pressure necessary to absorb the detected impurities

As might be expected, the degree of suction that is applied to the area of ​​the skin to be treated varies on a scale that, in this case, goes from one to five to choose the level with which we feel most comfortable and comfortable. Once this level is selected, the corresponding number appears digitally reflected on the front of the cleaner. The duration of the sessions was about five minutes, the same time we used with the rest of the proposals, and they began with level one and then progressively increased. We apply up to the fourth. The suction power met our expectations.


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