“We could have done better”, admits Yves Van Laethem in front of the Walloon parliament

After the regional ministers Crucke, Dermagne and De Bue in the morning, it was in particular representatives of Sciensano and the GEES – the group which piloted the exit from containment – including Erika Vlieghe and Yves Van Laethem who were heard by the members of the commission.

“Our hospitals have never been overwhelmed, as has been the case in eastern France or northern Italy. Our health structure was able to accommodate all the people who required hospital care ”, even if this definition can or should be the subject of an ethical debate, explained Yves Van Laethem.

At the same time, “in nursing homes, we were faced with an epidemic within the epidemic, with a lack of human and technical resources”, he added, referring to “the need to manage reception in a different way. seniors “.

“The spaghetti, the institutional structure of our State has certainly not helped to manage the crisis”, also estimated the interfederal spokesman. On the other hand, “there was no problem between the French-speaking and Dutch-speaking ‘experts’ within the structures set up, even if the weighting was perhaps not ideal”, he admitted.

As for communication, it too could have been more fluid, both to nursing staff and to the general public. “A certain number of expressions of experts” could influence the way in which the policies acted as well as the perception of the measures – and their good understanding – by the population. But these are questions that we can ask ourselves because we live in a democracy ”and that the floor is free, finally underlined Yves Van Laethem.


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