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“We could have had too”: Merz pays respect for exploratory paper

“We could have had too”
Merz pays respect for exploratory paper

United and willing to compromise: In the exploratory talks, the three traffic light parties show that they are ready to enter into coalition negotiations as quickly as possible. Most CDU politicians are critical of the exploratory paper that has now been presented – with the exception of Friedrich Merz.

Ex-Union parliamentary group leader Friedrich Merz has paid respect to the SPD, FDP and the Greens for their exploratory paper as the basis for coalition negotiations and called on the Union to adapt to the role of the opposition. “I think you have presented a remarkable paper,” said Merz to the editorial network in Germany. “This is an occasion for respect and critical self-examination: we could have had that too.”

Merz, who has moved back into the Bundestag after twelve years and is traded as a possible candidate for the party chairmanship, sets himself apart from Bundestag faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus, who criticized the paper.

Merz said, according to his assessment, there will now be a traffic light coalition. “Today’s paper shows a willingness to reach agreement and a readiness to govern together. We should prepare ourselves to be the opposition.” It was not disappointed by FDP leader Christian Lindner, who had said during the election campaign that he lacked the imagination for a traffic light. “No. Christian Lindner, the Greens and the Social Democrats also negotiated professionally with one another. Above all, they negotiated with one another in confidence.”

Merz as Laschet’s successor?

When asked whether he should be the successor to CDU leader Armin Laschet, Merz said: “It’s not about individual people now. It’s about the Union being optimally positioned for the role it has to play. If so I can take part in it, I will. ” The CDU needs a good team. “I’ll take part in the talks.”

The Union must be a “pacemaker-thematic setter”. “We have to be ahead of the curve of social developments. We have to make sure that economic prosperity and social justice prevail in this country.” The Union should not only criticize, but must go into parliamentary work constructively.


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