“we could pay dearly for any slackening”, says Attal

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal warned on Wednesday that it would be “totally unreasonable” to reduce efforts against Covid-19, as the French could “pay dearly for any form of relaxation”.

“The situation remains so fragile that nothing can tip it” and “vigilance remains in order” because “hospital pressure remains very strong,” said Mr. Attal after the Council of Ministers which had been preceded. a health defense council to monitor the pandemic.

As expected, the spokesperson did not announce further restrictions, as contamination has stabilized at a high level in the past two weeks.

He once again praised “the very great responsibility of the French”, who “have been able to thwart the prognoses”, in particular those of many scientists who expected a worsening of the situation because of the appearance of variants of the virus.

Faced with an “unpredictable epidemic”, “we are not” at the time to consider the relaxation of restrictions and reopening in certain sectors such as catering or cultural places, he stressed, specifying that the Minister of Health Olivier Véran will take another update on Thursday.

The number of new cases exceeds 18,000 per day on average over the past week and that of patients hospitalized in intensive care was Tuesday of 3,338, the highest for a week.

Gabriel Attal also said “understand the frustration of the over 75s” who “often wait for the vaccine as a delivery”. “The rate of production, delivery and that of opening appointments are not up to par” as “is the case everywhere in the world,” he added, affirming that “the mechanics were well on their way “to” pick up the pace “.

He said that 75% of nursing home residents and at least 20% of those over 75 had received at least one dose.

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