“We cry out our distress, it is time to act!”, Denounces the Balancetonsport collective

On March 8, the jInternational Women’s Rights Day. This fight in the face of inequalities in society is a constant struggle, but the dedicated day allows a primordial spotlight on the subject.

With certain initiatives also in the world of sport, such as the one put forward by Charline Van Snick (#balancetonsport). Belgian judokate is the basis of a video recounting anonymous testimonies of women victims of sexist behavior.

“We talked to a friend, Lola Mansour, with whom I practiced judo for quite a long time. We remembered a lot of very sexist and very violent situations, and we said to ourselves that something had to be done. To find out, I called for testimonials on social networks. The observation was astounding, we received a lot of testimonials in a very short time. We must cry out our distress! It represents what we experience on a daily basis, these are very strong terms. Some decide to leave the world of sport because it does not suit them and they want to preserve themselves. Others accept violence and we endure it for our quest for medals. There is this cult of suffering and pain in sport, a mechanism that allows us to accept even more violence. Several sociologists have carried out studies on the cult of performance and on the position of influence of the coach, two factors that increase the risk of abuses “, details Charline Van Snick at our microphone.

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“Insults trivialized, the most extreme abuses such as rape: it has been years that we see … today we must act! Studies since 2015 specify that one in seven athletes who experience sexual violence in the context of sport. With other sportswomen, we have ideas and leads. We are ready to meet around a table with decision-makers in order to put in place very concrete actions. It would start with an independent cell where sportsmen and women could go to testify. Faced with this type of violence, we are distraught and it is complicated to search to find associations in order to find help. A second avenue is prevention and the training of executives in the sports world “, specifies our compatriot.

And to summarize: The testimonies are overwhelming. We see an omerta, we stifle violence. We want to talk, we want to say it, but there is no one to listen to us. If we talk about all this, we deviate from the trajectory of performance and the race for the medal. We want ministers to listen to us. “

The call is launched …

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