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Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri indicated in a televised speech on the 43rd anniversary of the disappearance of Imam Musa al-Sadr and his two companions, that “words after today cannot answer the worrying questions of all the Lebanese about the fate of their country, the fate of their regime, their civil peace, and their political stability, and about their strengths in the face of The Zionist danger, and because we are today in the midst of a role model that has represented and continues to represent good in action and honesty in words.”

He pointed out that “the Libyan authorities did not cooperate enough to assist the Lebanese judicial judiciary in order to complete the investigations into the case of Imam al-Sadr,” noting that “the outbreak of Corona and the military developments in Libya impede the work of the investigator and the official follow-up committee. Despite all the obstacles, a number of axes remained at the head of its business.”

He continued: “We renew our declaration of our full confidence in the Lebanese judiciary, the work of the investigator and his impartiality, and we call on the authorities to protect him from any pressure or threat in order to achieve the truth.” .

Berri asked for “justice and fair retribution for the crime of the port explosion,” and said: “We were the first to extend a helping hand to the families of the martyrs, and we affirmed that there is no immunity immediately after the head of any person involved, and immunity is only for the judiciary, the martyrs, and justice, and we cooperated and we will cooperate with the judiciary to the utmost. One day, we are against lifting immunities, and all we have asked for is the application of the law and the constitution, but unfortunately there are those in Lebanon who are used to investing in the right issues for cheap electoral goals and perhaps in implementation of suspicious agendas. He stressed that “the path to reach the truth is clear is to know who entered the ship, to whom the nitrate shipment was returned, and who was allowed to keep it for so long.”

He added: “The judicial investigator is required to implement the laws starting with the constitution.” He addressed him, saying: “Hear the voice of justice, not those who whisper to you or chant.”

Berri said, “We are facing a described attempt to kidnap Lebanon and bring it down from the inside. The country is dying in front of us, and the surgical operation is possible through a civil state, a Senate, parliamentary elections, an independent judiciary, unifying taxes on the condition that they are progressive, establishing health and social security for all, and accelerating the formation of a government with its ministerial statement, implementing reforms and combating corruption.”

He called for “the initiative immediately to a single item, which is to put aside differences, whatever their causes, and to speed up the formation of a government this week, the priority of which is to liberate the Lebanese from the queues of humiliation and activate the work of the judiciary and the security and control agencies to combat corruption and black market dealers, and to hold parliamentary elections on time,” and he said: “ We will not be false witnesses to the mass execution ceremony that Lebanon is subjected to daily.”

Concerning the Iranian fuel ships, he said: “Some have raised questions, for separatist goals, about the position of the Amal movement regarding the aid provided to the Lebanese in terms of oil derivatives through Iran or other brotherly countries. The beginning of the resistance and its news, it was never embarrassed by any position or decision it took, and we did not find any embarrassment to any assistance provided to the people in order to enable it to face the harsh conditions, especially from Iran, Syria or Egypt, and all support from us is welcomed by us except from the Zionist enemy, which is absolutely rejected. “.

Source: National Media Agency

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