“We have decided not to give tens of millions to our children”

They may have won 126 million euros, Patrick and Frances Connolly did not want to change everything. Admittedly, their life has been completely turned upside down and they can now contemplate the future serenely, but there is no question of spending lavishly. The Northern Irish couple preferred to manage in a parsimonious way.

Nice gifts for loved ones (like a house for their nephews, money for their best friends) and securing the future of their children, these are the first things they did with their jackpot. But again, not just any old way. “We decided early on not to give tens of millions to our children. They have more than anyone else, they have enough to buy a house and live comfortably, but they will have to work. They will have the rest when we die, ”Frances told the media.

The couple also wanted to be generous to those in need. Especially since the coronavirus crisis. They have thus created two charities to offer Christmas gifts for elderly people infected with Covid-19 as well as tablets in retirement homes to bring together residents and their families, estranged by the health crisis.

“It is a great satisfaction to help people in need. I feel like I’ve won the lottery every day for the past two years. My husband always joked that if I won the lottery I would give it my all. And he was right, ”adds the big winner.

Proof that money has not gone to their heads, Patrick and Frances continue to work (the first as director of a plastics factory, the second as head of two associations they have created). The only difference? When he returns home, it is now a house with five bedrooms, a tennis court and a swimming pool that awaits them.


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