we have heard this song in the past, to see if it will stay in fashion for a long time

Wolves fans are having a most frustrating year of 2021. Collective results at half mast, injured players, a fired coach … but fortunately Karl-Anthony Towns is there to hold the house – a little – whether on the field or off since the pivot said yesterday that he did not want in any case leave Minneapolis and, on the contrary, he was there to build his legacy and instilling a culture of winning in franchising. This is the project!

Being a Wolves fan is a bit like putting a thorn in your side every morning before going to work, a constant suffering that you inflict on yourself. This season, you have to believe that it’s not one but two thorns, and in every foot, that Wolves fans are crashing every morning. Last in the League with a record of 7 wins for 24 losses, Wolves have been ravaged by absences since the start of the season, whether KAT, who has missed almost a month of competition because of this damn Covid, or D ‘Angelo Russell, who will be missing between four to six weeks after being on the operating table. A team without tail or head, without a player to rely on in the absence of its franchise player (s). The defeats are linked, it is logically Ryan Saunders who paid the price since the young coach was fired on Sunday evening, replaced in the wake by the now ex-assistant of the Raptors, Chris Finch. But there you have it, in the coldness of Minneapolis there is a treasure that the whole state cherishes more than his own wife or husband and it is once again he who arrives as a potential savior. Karl-Anthony Towns has indeed revealed that he had no intention of leaving Minnesota, it’s not much but it’s always taken.

“If you want to build a legacy, you have to win. I want to build my legacy here. I want to win with the Wolves and I will do everything to build, step by step, brick by brick, something and a culture that will last for a long time ”.

Phew, here are 5,657,342 people relieved at the announcement of these wise words. Even if everything is bad and everything is falling apart, KAT will always be standing, ready to take on the Wolves challenge. The Pivot is in his sixth NBA season and in the second year of his huge contract, he will casually be a free agent in 2024, which is three seasons after this one, and if we trust a certain Anthony Davis, Chaton would have the “possibility” of requesting his transfer as early as 2022. Many players have declared their love and their desire to win to the franchise which drafted them but very often these words fall apart when, unable to win, the player fails. resolves to leave to try a new challenge elsewhere. A phenomenon that has gained momentum recently as we have seen with dozens of players, but KAT apparently does not want to follow this path and the pivot WANTS to win with Wolves. This season already seems to be forgotten but the workforce is not lacking in talent with an D’Angelo Russell who has proven that he is capable of evolving at an All-Star level, a Malik Beasley who has shown for his part that he could be a solid lieutenant in any NBA team, an Anthony Edwards still very raw but who will only improve game after game and even the young Jaden McDaniels who often shows the tip of his pretty nose. Chris Finch has his work cut out for him and he will have to use this end of the season to develop a team identity, something that has clearly been missing in Minnesota for… since when?

KAT has therefore put a little water on the fire by declaring that it wants to build its legacy and develop a winning identity in Minneapolis. Hoping that this calms the ardor of Wolves fans who are experiencing a decidedly sad 2020/2021 season.

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