we hope the fourth biggest salary of the Pels will play more than 30 games

Who says new season says new checks to be written every 30th of the month, and in that game the Pelicans accountant is in the same situation as his office colleagues: at the dawn of a new era. Three darons who take their big check, young people who are learning to get rich, but above all a near future that must be started to imagine in the field but also in the bank. Because grandpa said it so well: it’s the sinews of war.

A short practical guide to Salary Cap and the Exceptions


Financial situation in relation to the course

  • The Luxury Tax threshold is set at $ 132,627,000 this year.
  • The NBA’s Salary Cap is set at $ 109,140,000 this year.
  • With $ 114,761,031 contractually planned this season, the Pelicans are among the good students, thanks in particular to their gaggle of kids not yet hairy enough to claim a treasure at the end of each month. Healthy finances, a good place in the Cape with the departure of Anthony Davis, and therefore an ideal year to see coming to Louisiana. You just have to sign Jahlil before the resumption and the group will be complete.

Players with guaranteed contracts for the following season: 6

  • Jrue Holiday
  • J.J. Redick
  • Zion Williamson
  • Jaxson Hayes
  • Nicolo Melli
  • Nickeil Alexander-Walker
  • Two alumni whose presence we know will be beneficial, four newcomers whose progress will be – at different levels – the essential components of the future at NOLA, and two Team Options to manage for the Lonzo and Josh Hart cases. A near future that smells of roses until these gentlemen logically become greedy, but we will call them rich’s problems so all is well.

Three players in interesting situations this season

  • Derrick Favors : contract year for the former Jazz inspector, and we all know what that means. Derrick is playing part of his career this season, and in a young and fast roster… he will have to establish himself as the perfect speed bump. Old-fashioned interior, solid on its bearings but with a record of around 30 seconds over 100 meters, the probable future holder of post 5 has one year to seduce. To seduce the Pels, why not, but above all to seduce thirty franchises with a view to the rest of his career. Not sure that he will not find the kind of contract he owns today, but each 20/10 will in any case increase his rating.
  • Lonzo Ball : just like his upstairs neighbor, Lonzito is playing big this season. Finally freed from Hollywood, we hope free of his father’s ball, the brilliant leader arrives in the bayou with the confidence of his franchise, with friends he knows by heart and to play alongside a man who will draw a lot of the hype onto his huge shoulders. Perfect for Lonz ‘, who will have to prove that if his shooting mechanics are ugly, his skill, his vista and his talent are not. If he succeeds? His eight-figure annual wages.
  • Jahlil Okafor : the Pels are counting on him this season but his contract is… not even guaranteed. Clear ? Do wonders for us because we love you Jahlil, but at the slightest bullshit you give off. A kind of executioner-victim contract that he will probably be guaranteed before the resumption but that the Jah cannot necessarily contest because the years of wandering having followed so many promises put him today in an uncomfortable situation, despite beautiful things shown on the floors last season. This is the price to pay when you have big buttocks and you don’t defend, when you were supposed to dominate the world less than five years ago.

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