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“We in turn want to bang our fists on the table”

Since the announcement of the imposed closure, from this Monday, of the culture and leisure sectors, grumbling mingles with incomprehension in the head of the owners of theaters, cinemas and other gaming rooms.

This Sunday, many representatives of the leisure sector – some of whom have recently formed a Federation – made contacts, with the question of opening certain places on the table on Monday. “After 80 cultural centers have chosen to open on Sunday, we in turn want to bang our fists on the table by joining the culture by opening our doors on Monday,” one of them told us.

In the Cité des Hurlus as elsewhere in Wallonia and Brussels, another leisure activity is popular at this time of year: bowling.

►► And there, things settle down: around fifteen bowling alleys will open on Monday.

►► “We want to show that the representatives of culture are not alone”, announces Kevin Dejas, owner of the “Themis” bowling alley in Mouscron.


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