We know that about the new jobs

In the new extension too Final Fantasy XIV, Endwalker, two new jobs will be playable. Here’s what we already know about them.

In a special stream for the addon, two new jobs were announced that will be available with Endwalker in autumn 2021. There will be a new healer class and a new physical melee.

The wise

This is the new healer: The wise man will be the 4th healer job in FFXIV:

  • Weapon: Noulith
  • Type: Shield healer
  • Required class: no
  • Start-Level: 70
  • Location: The starting quest that will unlock the sage will be in Limsa Lominsa

You can watch the gameplay trailer for the sage here:

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This is how the wise man’s gameplay becomes: In battle, the sage uses his noulith weapon to keep the group alive. These are 4 ether-charged “sticks” that hover around the character and through them he guides his abilities.

The wise will be able to temporarily “manipulate” their magical abilities or to alter them in battle to make them stronger.

In the reveal, Director Yoshida referred to the sage as a “shield healer.” That is, he will have the ability to protect the group with shields and minimize incoming damage, much like the scholar.

The way in which the sage uses his shields, however, is said to be different from the scholar. Yoshida said that in an interview the Japanese site 2chblog:

The key point to note here is the difference in gaming experience. While both the Scholar and the Sage will both be shield healers, the approach and specifics of barrier use will be different for the two jobs.

Director Yoshida

The second secret job

We know that about the second job: While the sage in the announcement was thoroughly treated by Endwalker, the second new job is still a secret. However, there are some details that are known about it.

Initially, he will fill the role of the physical hand-to-hand fighter in the group, that is, the same role as ninja, monk, dragoon and samurai. In an interview with 2chblog, Yoshida stated that the new melee will wear the same armor class as the Dragoon.

If only we looked at the different [Rüstungs-] Looking at slots, the Dragoon is in a unique position. It is therefore logical that we should start here and have decided to take a hand-to-hand fighter as our second new job.

Director Yoshida

The dragoon is currently the only job that carries the armor class with the affix “of mutilation”. The new melee would fill that void in Endwalker.

This is speculated: After the announcement that there would be two new jobs, the community jumped into speculation. As always, all eyes were there on the t-shirts that the director Yoshida during the presentation and of the producer stream has worn afterwards.

In the past, his shirts provided references to classes that were added with new addons. The fact that the new hand-to-hand fighter belongs to the armor class of maiming led players to speculate about jobs like Mystic Knight, Reaper or Sword Saint (via reddit).

When do we know more? The reveal of the second new job will be a while in coming. The digital fan festival will take place on May 15th and 16th, at which more information about the new add-on Endwalker will be announced. This also includes details about the new mysterious melee job.

What are your assumptions about the job? Do you speculate or do you prefer to be surprised?

Until the digital Fan Fest you can have a look at all information about the new addon Endwalker here:

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